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Weekly updates

 12/12/09 - One More Show!
What a great show today!  Please thank your cast members for behaving in the greenroom and keeping their head in the show today -- please ask them to do the same tomrorow!  What a show! 
Can we do it next weekend too?!?!?!?! 
We will miss Wonka and those Oompa Loompas and Crazy Carolers, but look forward to an awesome last show and a fantastic cast party!
When you get a chance, please follow this link ( to complete our parent survey.  We are automated this show (thanks, Mr. Salt!) and our results will be even more valuable if entered into this format (thanks, Sue Dooley!).  The creative staff and Board take the surveys seriously and respond to the input in the following show, so please take the time to complete the survey sometime before the end of the year.  We have attached the survey as well in case you would prefer a paper format.  Also, the CAST MEMBER survey is part of the attachment.  Please have your case member fill it out and mail it to Pied Piper Players, P.O. Box 1996, Burlingame, CA  94011. 
If you have tickets in your possession that you do not care to buy, please return them to the lobby so we can sell them to our (hopefully!) full house Sunday!
Thanks, everyone!  -- Wendi and Leslie R.
 12/12/09 - Exciting Show Closing Weekend!
What an exciting show last night!  The audience was fabulous and the kids were feeding off of their enthusiasm and there was a palpable energy enhancement in the second act (and not just from the gelt we shared backstage at our Hannukah celebration --thanks Mrs. Gloop!)
Although we are in Wonka Land, right now, we are also looking to the future and want to make sure you have all the pertinent information to continue with PPP!  You should have received an e-mail this morning regarding registration for The Wiz.  If you did not, please respond to this e-mail and we will ask our E-mail Gurus to make sure you are on the list.
If you have time on this cold, rainy morning (or tonight!), consider warming up your house with a little baking...we would love some brownies or cookies or rice krispie treats for the concession table today and tomorrow if you are so inclined!
Call time is noon for today and tomorrow -- but please stay tuned to e-mail just in case (as always -- we have converted you all to e-mail addiction and are so proud of ourselves!)
If you have approved expenses for this show, please submit them within the next two weeks for reimbursement.  If you have expenses that you would like to donate, please also submit the form and we will get you a tax receipt.  The reimbursement form is attached.  When you have it completed, just let us know and we will get you the address where to send it.
After the show tomorrow, we will have Strike -- this is basically clearing out of the theater and leaving it in fantastic condition.  We have attached the Strike Plan -- please take a moment to read it before the show tomorrow.  One parent from each Wonka family is expected to work (if both can, that is fabulous, but not required!)  Your duties will be explained more fully tomorrow, so please do not worry if this is all new to you!  The  most important thing to remember is to STAY OFF THE STAGE!  If you are not assigned to work on the stage (props and crew only), then you and your children should walk AROUND, in the parking lot, to get between the greenroom and the house.  Jacquie will explain this walking route further at the commencement of Strike.
After Strike has concluded, it is off to the Cast Party!  Mr. Wonka's wife, Sue Dooley, and Emily C's mom, Lori Tamura-Chinn, have worked very hard to create a fabulous Wonka and Crazy Carol Celebration!  If you are able to stay after the party for a bit and help clean up (mostly folding up tables, moving chairs for about 15  minutes), please let Sue know (she is cc'd above).  Thanks in advance for your help! 
Here are the directions to the cast party (there will be hard copies available at the theater on Sunday as well):
Driving Directions to St. Bart's Church, 600 Columbia Drive, San Mateo; we 
will be in the Social Room!

Link:,+San+Mateo,+CA+94403-10 61+(Bayside+Middle+School)&geocode=FVw5PQIdxu21-CFITEJg-fnU3ykrHf3hk56PgDE-i opvmw1yZA%3BFcQHPQIdJE21-ClpaJyBFJ6PgDFq9q6Vzzy7IA&dirflg=&daddr=600+columbi a+drive+san+mateo,+ca&f=d&dq=bayside+middle+school+loc:+foster+city,+ca&sll= 37.313434,-122.181946&sspn=0.812402,0.349946&ie=UTF8&ll=37.562065,-122.31559 8&spn=0.036604,0.082912&z=14

Start address: Bayside Middle School
2025 Kehoe Avenue San Mateo, CA 

End address: 600 Columbia Dr San Mateo, CA 94402

Start at: Bayside Middle School 2025 Kehoe Avenue San Mateo, CA 94403-1061

1. Head west on Kehoe Ave toward Van Buren St - 0.6 mi
2. Merge onto US-101 N via the ramp to San Francisco - 0.6 mi
3. Take exit 416 for 3rd Ave - 446 ft
4. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for 3rd Ave W and merge onto 3rd Ave

E - 1.1 mi
5. Turn right at S El Camino Real - 0.1 mi
6. Take the 2nd left onto Crystal Springs Rd - 0.8 mi
7. Turn left at Alameda De Las Pulgas - 0.1 mi
8. Take the 1st right onto Columbia Dr  Destination will be on the right - 
223 ft

Arrive at: 600 Columbia Dr San Mateo, CA 94402
See you later today!  Rock on, Wonkerers!!  -- Wendi and Leslie R.


 12/09/09 - PPP Update | Early Release Tonight

Hi Cast Families -

We will be releasing the Willy Wonka cast early tonight in an effort to give everyone as much rest as possible - there's a lot of bugs going around!
Pick-up time for Wonka cast members is now 8PM, Crazy Carolers is still 7:30PM.

Thank You!
(650) 804-4800

UPDATED: Wednesday Dec 9 Pick-Up Rehearsal
6:30PM - 7:30PM

6:30PM - 8PM

 12/08/09 - Candy Gram No. 10
Well, the Wonkavator is ready to rock for another awesome weekend of performances!  The Crazy Carolers are cozy and cute and the Wonkerers are riding on a chocolate high from those sold out crowds!
Please remember to keep selling tickets -- and to tell your friends and family to buy tickets online if at all possible -- it will ensure them a seat if (woops, when!) we sell out again, and it lessens the burden for our AWESOME inaugural Ticket Turtle Team.  If you have not sent an e-mail out to your e-mail list lately, today would be a great time to do it as families are planning now for this weekend.
Please consider buying raffle tickets -- if you have an envelope from us with some tickets, please consider purchasing a set of chances ($5 a ticket, $20 for 5 tickets) to win the huge cool TV, blu-ray player or $50 Powell's Sweet Shoppe giftt card!  Just bring the money and tickets to the lobby before, during or immediately after any performance this weekend.  More tickets are available in the lobby.  Feel free to sell tickets to friends who cannot make the show as well -- just bring in their money and tickets for them (need not be present to win!)
We can use some more help on house duties and Wonka chaperoning this weekend.  Please sign up for an additional work slot if you can at -- Crazy or Wonka families are welcome for the front of the house duties.  For Wonka chaperoning, previous experience is very helpful.
We loved the baked goods at the concession table last weekend!  Please consider bringing some this weekend if you have some time to bake.  We charge $2 per item, so please cut them into generous sizes!  Thanks so much!
If anyone found (or spotted at the theater) a PPP Hall of Fame keychain with a car remote attached, please let us know.
If you haven't paid for the crew shirt ($20 for those who have a crew shirt, cash or payable to Mark and/or Leslie Ragsdale) or cast party ($10 a person, payable to Sue Dooley), please bring payment Wednesday night.
We will see you at the pick-up rehearsal AT THE THEATER Wednesday night from 6:30-8:45 p.m.  This is a run-through of the show with NO COSTUMES.  Please have your cast member wear comfortable clothing that he/she can move in and jazz shoes, however.
Want to see the kids in action?!  The fabulous David Dong has taken some amazing pictures of the kids!  Here is a link to his website:  You can order photos from the website as well!  David does not make a profit from these, he is a PPP friend who is very kind to donate his time and talent to our families!!!
Thanks to all of you for being so utterly supportive, fun, energetic and helpful!!!  -- Wendi and Leslie R.
 12/05/09 - Odds and Ends...
Hi,  Families!  This show is getting better each day and it was great to begin with -- wow!!!!! 
Just a few things:
1) tickets are selling like hot cakes -- if you know of anyone who wants to come Sunday, please have them buy their ticket online as we may sell out at the door!  Please encourage online sales for next weekend's matinees as well!
2) please consider bringing baked goods for our concessions table -- individually wrapped brownies, cookies, rice krispie treats would be fantastic!  They cost $2 each, so please make the sizes generous.  Thanks so much and we truly appreciate your efforts in this regard!
3) we would love it if you could bring in any Playbills you have at home for our Sunday crowd to have.  We have more being printed (the inside cover ad was accidentally left off and the printing company is re-doing them for us for next weekend -- the ad is for Pasta Pasta!, a great local company that is a huge supporter of PPP), so please return the ones you have at home or in the car and get your souvenir copies (with the Pasta Pasta! ad!) next weekend.  We reallly appreciate this too!
5) Please RSVP to the cast party ($10 per person, after Strike next Sunday) if you haven't already -- there is an envelope in the green room for that too!
6)  Don't forget to buy raffle tickets!!!!
Thanks for EVERYTHING -- we really could not have asked for a better group of helpful and supportive families!!!!  -- Wendi and Leslie R.
 12/05/09 - PPP Update | Sunday Call Time

Hi Cast Families!

Great shows today and you all looked picture perfect in the cast photo!  Tomorrow's call times are as scheduled, however, I do have a change to next week.

Sunday Dec 6 Schedule


Wednesday Dec 9 Pick-Up Rehearsal Schedule
6:30PM - 7:30PM


6:30PM - 8:45PM

We have changed the date of the pick-up rehearsal to Wednesday Dec 9, we're still starting at 6:30PM.  This change is do to the fact that we are now unable to be in the theater on Thursday Dec 10th.
I realize that next week is a busy week for the cast families with winter events and school concerts. The brush-up rehearsal is very important because it gives us all a chance to remember everything before we're in front of an audience again!  Please email me if you have a conflict for Wednesday.

Thank you & see you in the house tomorrow at noon!

(650) 804-4800

 12/04/09 - Happy Opening! | Saturday Call Time

a message from our Director...

to the Crazies & Wonkerers

would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes, heard it with my own ears...

WOW!  Great Opening Night to the HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA CAST!  You were TERRIFIC! (underscore, bold, italic!)

I truly enjoyed tonight's show.  

Bask in the glow of success and expect that I will give you notes and tips on how to be better!  (yes, that's my job)

I won't do it until tomorrow - enjoy your success - thank your parents (get down and kiss their feet) and see you tomorrow.


Love, Leslie

Hello Cast Families!

You are amazing - thank you all for the tremendous effort that got us here tonight!

We wish you sweet dreams and lots of beauty sleep so tomorrow's call time has changed to 12:30 for most cast members. 
Please drop your belongs off in the greenroom and be seated (quietly!) in the house by your call time.  Crazy Carolers & Suckers should arrive in their costumes.

 Saturday Dec 5 Schedule



Thank you,
(650) 804-4800

Remind your friends and family that they can go to and order tickets. 
It's very possible that shows could sell out and we don't want anyone to miss your fabulous performances!
 12/04/09 - Willy Wonka "so little to do, so much time ...strike that, reverse it"

Hi Wonkerers!

Thank you for a great run tonight!
Below is a message from your Director Leslie Stupple! Please take time to review with your cast member(s) in the morning.  We'll see you in the house, ready to work at 8:30AM!!


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Leslie Stupple

GREAT JOB EVERYONE - we got such a nice compliment on costumes tonight from the Lighting Designer.  "Just what we talked about"

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the OOMPA COSTUMES AND HOW THEY GO WITH THE MAIN CHARACTERS!  LOVE IT!  I mean, more than just pleased and grateful! 

We are very well on our way to taming the beast that is props and sets due to the very hard work of all you parents.  It is simply a-mazing what you have accomplished in several short days!!

I am very excited for our opening - it's going to be a FANTASTIC experience.

Here are some edited, accumulated notes for you actors...sort of glossed over ones that are fixing themselves...but these are more stand out:

NOTES through 12/3/09

Sorry to not have had notes for you earlier...we’ve been busy and frankly you actors are doing very well, so I’m not that worried about you.

Stay out of the way of the crew.  Typically, sets need to come on stage before you do.

PROJECT and AIM VOICES and FACES above the window Jacquie is sitting in.

Don’t let your energy lapse!  ENERGY UP


GRANDMA GEORGINA - love the “No one is having toast”  keep varying things!

WOMEN AND GIRLS - (all of you) pull your hair back!


Remember not to talk while the Candy Man sings his lines.

GRANDPA GEORGE - where’s your earphone?

ALL - do you know you are supposed to have your props?

PHINEOUS - good energy in Candy Man scene

VIOLET - start chewing and smacking your gum right away.

YNFD Soloist and Duet - good job getting closer to the “prop mic”

BUCKETS - don’t do anything wild and vigorous during your brownout scenes.


WHO?  WHAT?  WHERE?  WHEN?  WHY?  !!!!!!!

There is no talking in the wings, ever.  Never.  Ever.

FACTORY WORKERS - You can take up volume even more.  DON’T JUMP because when the “window” closes and you are in mid-air, we can hear you thump to the stage and it destroys the effect.

FACTORY WORKERS - freeze right after “I found the Golden Ticket”  until the music is done.

MRS. BUCKET - good job getting more positive before song.  Need 100X more energy in the scenes.

RADIO GIRLS - You are listening to a “monitor” in the studio - listen to it.  Please do not look directly over at Violet.

MOE LARRY AND CURLY - don’t pick the 2X4 up until the BLACKOUT

CANDY MAN - need to give CHARLIE something “chocolate” for the treat before the “winning ticket”

CHARLIE - get in front of floor mic at top of “Think Positive Reprise”

GRANDPA GEORGE - need to wear a scarf as well as the blanket.


CHARLIE - EXCITEMENT should build in the Birthday Scene from the moment you get the candy bar

ALL - we don’t say lines in character and then drop the character in between them!!!

BUCKET HOUSE - don’t be distracting in the THINK POSITIVE REPRISE

AUGUSTUS - where’s your turkey leg during your scene and then the opening of ACT II

OOMPA ETHAN - take Augustus’ Turkey leg off stage with you

OOMPAS ETHAN AND BROCK - great job with the Gate!!

WILLY - Don’t take the microphone from Lanie at top of Act II - just act as though you’re talking into it

OPENING ACT II - FAN OUT to # 9 - you are blocking all the action in the center and I think the audience needs to see what’s happening more than you do

MIKE TEAVEE - you are supposed to say “awesome” about the exploding room

MR. SALT - say “nonsense” instead of “no such thing”

YOU ALL SHOULD STILL BE STUDYING YOUR SCRIPTS - too many line troubles on Dress rehearsal.

WILLY - GOOD VAMPING while waiting for OOMPA Mac  (not Mac’s fault)

OOMPAS - you are ROCKIN' it - all groups!!

WILLY - you need to mouth something to the GUMBALLS who you call in to help w/Violet

WILLY leave the stage from TV room - leave your hat, go change for next scene and then come back in “looking” for your hat near end of the song so you can still dance.  Give someone right there your hat before you do your dive.

WILLY - nice job tonight with the human characteristics!!!

OOMPA (didn’t see which one)  GOOD JOB PICKING UP WONKAS HAT!

WILLY - take more time, its devastation that Charlie isn’t going to be "the one".  They are taking music and lights off YOU!!  DON’T rush it (looking up at his ticket after being informed of fizzy lifting).

 12/04/09 - "What Should I Wear, Mom...!"
The answer will be a bit different Friday morning than most weekdays!   Today, the answer is: 
"Honey, you only need to be dressed in your Act I costume by 8:30 if you are in Act 1, Scene 1!"
Just a quick note to wake you up and clarify the arrival attire for Friday morning -- the cast members NOT in the opening scene can change once the show starts.  The grandparents can arrive in their costumes as well.  Please have all make-up already applied and Act 1 hair done. 
We are working on the timing of the costumes and really appreciate the children's patience as the timing is perfected.  Please remind them to continue cooperating with the costume committee and ushers backstage.
Please check your cast member's baskets for any costume pieces that are NOT theirs (and give them to the person if it is labeled OR to the costume committee if not) and make sure they have any pieces they are allowed to take home in their basket before leaving home.
Also, the Carmel Drops will not need crazy oopma loompa hair because in their oompa loompa scene they are wearing hoods.  Thanks!!

 12/03/09 - 8:30 call time --- in the house, ready to work
Hi, all!  This is soooo exciting!  Our school field trip show is sold out!  We still have last minute adjustments to make, as always, so we need the full time before curtain to work!  Please have your cast member in their seats in the house by 8:30 -- so please arrive in time to have them put their basket in the green room, and get settled in the house and have them be nice and quiet and behaved while waiting in the house.  Please remind them to have their FULL ENERGY on the stage and to STAY IN CHARACTER, even if something unusual happens (or doesn't happen!) on stage. 
Thank you soooo much for your positive energy, extreme patience and hours and hours and hours of great work you have all put into this production.  YOU ALL DESERVE A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF CHOCOLATE!!! 
But, yeah, that's not going to happen because we don't have Wonka's connections...!
See you in the morning!  -- Wendi and Leslie R.
P.S.  Please consider bringing baked good for concessions this weekend (not for the school field trip show) -- wrapped in individual portions -- brownies, rice krispie treats, cookies...mmmm...must be time for our midnight snack...!  Just bring them to the lobby to one of the ushers or Chris Krol, our house duties manager, or Shannon McEnery, our Concessions Chair.  Thanks!!!
 12/03/09 - Tonight
What a fantastic Act Two we ran last night -- very complicated technically, but pulled off very well by all concerned.  Today ends the ticket contest -- you still have time to let everyone know to come see this fabulous show!!!!!  Of course, sell tickets after today too -- a full house is the biggest prize we can give our kids right now (that, and some more sleep!)
Here is the schedule for tonight - please read it carefully as it is revised:
Thursday's Schedule:
5PM       SUCKERS (run blacklight scenes with LAS)

6PM       GUMBALLS (work OL2 with Julie)


Please have your cast member in full hair, make-up and Act 1 costume (if they have it).  If they are a Gumball, Chocolate Kiss or Carmel Drop, they will get their costumes at the theater, so please make sure their hair and make-up are done (for Act 1 -- not Oompa Loompa hair -- just back from the face or Chignon for Gumballs) and they arrive on time and see the Costume Committee.  Their costumes will stay at the theater through the run of the show since they are delicate and/or easily wrinkled -- the kids may be disappointed not to take them home, but from a parent's point of view it is a blessing -- one less thing to worry about (try running home at 6:30 p.m. for a 7 p.m. performance for a costume left at home...ahhh!)
We are going for a 10 p.m. dismissal, please call Wendi's cell phone at 678-5560 for an update after 8:30 p.m.  There is sometimes a chance that the youngest kids are released a bit earlier on these late nights, so please do call the number just in case.  We know the nights are late for the kids, but the show opens tomorrow and we do need them on stage to work out the technical details and finish spacing and rehearsing the numbers.  We truly appreciate your cooperation in this regard.  The kids have been doing just a fantastic job and it shows!
Here are some costume notes from the amazing 24/7 costume committee:
 * Ninjas don't wear white socks.

• Squirrels need to remove the tags from the sweat suits and make sure the blue tape is not showing.

• Squirrels need to make sure that if they're wearing a shirt under the sweatshirt, it's tucked into the sweatpants. There were lots of not-brown shirts peeking out tonight.

• Squirrels need to wear their hoods.

• Suckers' brown gloves, black gloves, and black hoods are to remain in the greenroom inside the Ziploc bag when not being worn.

• Carmel Drops: It was great to see you wearing white clothes. You rock.

• Oompa Loompas: We had a lovely variety of creatively crazy hair. On Thursday, let's try having everyone whose hair is long enough put it in a bun or ponytail on top of the head (for Act 2 -- do not arrive in this hair style)
Thanks, everyone!!!  See you tonight!  Wendi and Leslie R.

 12/02/09 - TBDs & Pizza!
Hi Wonkerers!

Great job on Act I last night!  I can't wait to see you all as crazy-haired Oompa Loompas and cute squirrels tonight.

Please review the schedule below, we have called specific groups for tonight's TBD.

Tonight's Schedule:
5PM       Caramel Drops, Mike, Mrs. Teavee, Keane (I See It All on TV)

5:30PM  Chocolate Kisses, Phineous, Augustus, Mrs. Gloop (I Eat More)

6PM       Full Cast (Run Act II first then a Full Run-Thru)

9:30PM  Dismissal - please make sure to check the PPP hotline for any changes to pick-up time!

Please be seated in the house at 6PM for attendance and announcements.

And last but certainly not least, there will be a pizza dinner for cast and crew tonight.  Dinner has been donated by the Crazy Carols cast family of Kelly, Shannon, and Bridget Britton. Big thanks for feeding us during this busy, busy week!  Please remember that you may NOT eat in your costume.  Bring a smock or oversize shirt that covers your entire costume before you head outside to grab a bite.

See you tonight!
 12/02/09 - More costume details -- and Hair!
No, not Hair the Musical...we are still Wonkerers!!  The kids got their costumes last night and they are terrific!!!!  Please let them know that we appreciate their cooperation in keeping at least some of their costume pieces at the theater, as directed by Betsy Parkhurst and the costume committee -- some pieces are just too delicate to be lugged around in those baskets!   The Gumballs, Carmel Drops and Chocolate Kisses will be changing into some pieces right before the scenes they are in to preserve the costumes (they need to make it through tech week and 7 shows!)
Here goes:
SOCKS -- The Suckers and possibly Nutterifics will have bobby socks to wear with their base costume, but no one else (including Suckers and Nutterifics in their other costumes) can wear socks that show unless it's part of their costume (Augustus, Violet, Veruca have socks as part of their costume).  They can go sock-less in their jazz shoes or wear the really short ones that don't show (still try to wear white ones just in case -- we don't want bright pink footie socks peaking out!!)  Kids wearing long pants (Joshua, Brock as Dracula, Graham as Major Nelson, under the clean suits, etc.) can wear socks of their choosing.
Gumballs -- A 1940's style chignon would be fabulous!  Please do what you can for the Gumballs to match that period with their hair for their Never Fully Dressed song.  You can poke around on the internet if you want to see what they look like.  Here is a tip we found from one site to making a chignon:  It is easy to make a chignon. To make one you will need several bobby pins. The chignon is made by twisting the hair and rolling it into a loose low bun. Use the bobby pins along the outer edges to keep it in place.
Oompa Loompas -- the key here is VOLUME.  Try to imagine what Leslie Stupple has in her mind what an Oompa Loompa should look like and GO FOR IT!  Maybe she will pick out the one most encompassing her vision for special recognition....!  Think Crazy Hair day, but no dye!  Remember that they do have a different hair style for their first act character, so please keep that in mind before going nutso!
Tonight, the kids should start the evening in their costumes for the beginning of Act 2.  If they start as Kids (Nutterifics), they should do their Oompa Loompa hair at the theater. hair spray is to be applied while wearing a mike.  Ever.  Thanks for protecting these valuable pieces of equipment!
Please check your e-mail today -- if you are not called to fill in the TBD, your cast member should be ready to work at 6 p.m. at the theater.  Please remember to bring their quiet activities.
Did we mention that the show looks fabulous?!  The sets, the costumes, the is all coming together and is looking fabulous! 
Sell tickets.  Sell tickets.  Sell tickets.  Sell tickets.  Sell tickets.  Sell tickets.  Contest ends in two days......!!!!! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 11/30/09 - Costumes!

Hi Exhausted Families!  Tech Week is just beginning and we are all tired already!  Ok, that is maybe just us -- the kids have lots of energy and the show is really coming together!  We will be in the theater at 6 p.m. Tuesday night until 9 p.m.  Pick up is in the lobby only.  Please check your e-mail during the day at some point in case there are any last minute changes.

The cast was given their show t-shirts tonight -- they are adorable!  Please have them wear them to school/around town -- they are walking billboards and will help us sell tickets (have you sold any today....????)
Please have your cast member bring his/her basket for their costume pieces.  They will likely be distributed tomorrow (Tuesday) night.  Please label their basket as we all tend to shop in the same places and they can look alike!  Laundry baskets work great, but if you have something else that is similar, that is fine too.  Please have your child bring (and label) their black jazz shoes -- they can go in the basket.  Their quiet activities can go in the basket too -- they will need these for tech week and the shows (coloring, word searches, homework, books, ds players or similar gaming devices please).  Please remind your cast member that the theater needs to be kept quiet as the technical details are worked out -- unnecessary talking creates tension and delays.  Also, no running or other unsafe behavior!  Thanks for helping us with these reminders!
Here is a note from our extraordinarily talented costume mistress, Betsy Parkhurst, on specific pieces for several cast members.
This is a reminder of the costume pieces you signed up to bring from home. Please bring them to tomorrow's rehearsal in your basket.

All (unless specifically told otherwise): black jazz shoes

Jillian B long black pants
Aaron Fore long black pants
Al Harrington white dress shirt
Christine H white tights or socks and Mary Janes
Taryn Issel long-sleeved black t-shirt and long black pants
Katie Lague long black pants if you have them
Harry Olson light-colored pants
Maggie Phillips long black pants
Lanie Ragsdale long black pants
Audrey Ravid red long-sleeved t-shirt
JoAnne Spetz white dress shirt and black dress pants
Peter Traugot khaki pants
Logan Turner red long-sleeved shirt and red long pants
Brock Upchurch white dress shirt and black pants; Dracula cape
Patrick W white dress shirt
Joshua W khaki pants

Special note for the Carmel Drops 
• You need a white shirt (it’s ok if it has some writing on it) and white or light-colored pants to wear under the clean suit for Act II.
Thanks for your attention, support and for your great kids!  See you at the Theater!!  -- Wendi and Leslie R.
 11/29/09 - Candy Gram No. 9 -- Welcome to Tech Week!
Hello, happy post-Thanksgiving!  What a great excuse to be in sweat pants today for rehearsal after all that food!
Speaking of food...please remember to RSVP for the cast party -- the flier is attached.  There will be an envelope for payments ($10 a person, children under 5 are free -- checks only please) at the rehearsals this week.
Thank you soooo much to those who came out to the load in to the theater in the past two days.  It was a lot of hard work, but you all did an amazing job!  The sets look fantastic!  Thanks also to the parents who stepped up to chaperone at the rehearsal space tonight and to all of you for helping do what it takes to get this show on by Friday!
Speaking of the rehearsal space, rehearsal Monday night, 6-9 p.m., will be at the rehearsal space for the Willy Wonka cast.  If you are signed up to chaperone Monday night, please come from 6-9 p.m. at the rehearsal space with your cast member.  Please remember to look at the LOCATION and TIMES of the Tech Week rehearsals.  Some people may be at the theater, some in the rehearsal space.  Your cast member should be attending ALL rehearsals this week that they are scheduled for from now on.  If they have the flu, however, please leave them at home and let Jacquie or one of us know.  Please keep them healthy -- wash hands, wash hands, wash hands. 
Are you e-mail addicted?  Please be so for the next two weeks!   Jacquie may be sending updates, we may be sending updates...we love you and need you! 
Have you sold any tickets today?  Please send out the cool e-card (attached) to your huge e-mail list and tell them to buy tickets -- we may sell out for the matinees and they should plan ahead!  Tell your fans to enter your name in the ticketing system so you can win a night at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza in Berkeley and dinner at FIVE Restaurant!  Check out the website -- this place is worth buying extra tickets for yourself to ensure your winning the contest!
Raffle tickets will be on sale soon.  Save your pennies -- you will want to win these prizes!!!!  A 46" Sony Bravia Flat Sceen TV, a Blu Ray player or a $50 Powell's Candy Store gift card!!!!!
If you have incurred any expenses for this show, please let us know.  We will give you the reimbursement form and address to send it to.  All expenses must have been pre-approved.  You must submit your reiumbursement request within 30 days of the close of the show.  Any date after that and Pied Piper Players can give you a tax receipt for the donation only.
If you have not signed up to work FOUR shows (and remember, only 16 years old or older counts as a worker AND runner does not count at all) or FIVE shows if you have multiple children in the cast, please visit the sign in sheet and sign up for more slots.  Please remember, you may be asked to change jobs that day/night if we need you elsewhere.  You can buy out of ONE show with a $20 donation to the concession fund -- just let us know if you are taking that option.  The link can be found at:   Please note we have added slots for chaperoning during Tech Week -- every family should be working during Tech Week (it is in the Participation Agreement!) doing something or other!
PLEASE update your volunteer hours...we are lurking and will be asking for last minute jobs for those who are under hours!  Here is the link:
Tired of looking at that Halloween Candy???!!!  Please send it our way!  We have some cool leis made from candy and, judging by the kids' reaction at rehearsal today, they are sure to be popular!  We would love your unused candy to add to the mix! 
If you happen to have a cool way to display the leis, like a hat mannequin, please let us know!
Speaking of sweets...please consider bringing in homemade goodies for our concessions table!  We would love to add your brownies, cookies, rice krispie treats and the like to our sale!  If you can bring something, please e-mail Shannon McEnery and let her know what you are bringing and for which show (we do not need any for the field trip show).  Then, just wrap them in individual (generous size, we'll charge $1 each) servings in clear wrap or baggies.  This will make our Willy Wonka/Crazy Carolers back sale the BEST EVER!!   Shannon's e-mail address is 
Thanks for your careful reading of this e-mail --  no free candy today -- we want you to shop at the concessions at the show!  -- Wendi and Leslie R.
 11/28/09 - PPP Rehearsal Schedule Update

Hi Cast Families!

I hope you all had a wonderful turkey day.  There are important schedule changes for tomorrow, Sunday Nov 29th, listed below. 
The update is for both the Crazy Carols and Wonka schedule so please read carefully!

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Jacquie (650) 804-4800


12 P - 2:30PM       

12 – 4:30PM

12:30 – 5:30PM

12:30 – 6PM

1 – 4:30PM

1:30 – 4:30PM

1:30 – 6PM

2 – 4:30PM

2:30 – 4:30PM

2:30 – 7PM

2:30 – 5:30PM

3 – 4:30PM

3 – 5PM

3 – 6PM

 11/25/09 - PPP Production Update


Hi Cast Families,

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we head into Tech Week, your production staff and volunteers will be doing more than eating turkey and watching football ...

We will be loading our set into the theater and getting it ready for the cast to begin their rehearsals!

While we have several volunteers coming from our Stage Crew (big thanks!) I need a few more pairs of hands on Sunday. We are fortunate to have a (2) beautiful sets full of neat tricks. In our case beautiful also means big! I can't emphasize enough how much help we need given the size of the productions and the holiday-shortened schedule!

Take a look below and let me know if you're in town and can help. 

WHEN: Sunday Nov 29
TEAM LEAD: Mark Ragsdale
WHERE: GREENHOUSE 810 Tennis Drive South San Francisco
TIME: 8:30AM
WHAT: Load the set into the truck so we can get it to the theater

TEAM LEADS: Mark Ragsdale, Ron Gasparnetti
WHERE: BAYSIDE 2025 Kehoe Ave San Mateo
TIME: 10AM - 4PM
WHAT: Meet at theater to load in the Set as well as Props Load In, Lights Load In
NEED: 6 additional able bodied volunteers!
The only requirements are that you can follow directions and handle moderate to heavy lifting as we have some big pieces that we need several people for.

WHEN: Monday Nov 30
NEED:  a volunteer who can pick up two wheelchairs and bring them to the theater. 
If you have free time on Monday to run this quick errand, let me know I will send details!

Load in is a great way to get to know other cast families and clear some of those required volunteer hours off your plate.
Lastly, our Props team is looking for clear, plastic 2 liter soda bottles with caps.  Please check your recycling bins and send bottles to Sunday's rehearsal or bring them by the theater during Load In.

Thanks so much and have a happy turkey day!
(650) 804-4800
 11/23/09 - Candy Gram No. 8
Hi, all!  It was great to see you on Sunday and to share the Tech Week information and Hall of Fame celebration with everyone!
In case you came in late or missed the handout, you can find information on Tech Week under the Useful Info section of our website.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of us or your PPP pro -- we have all been around the block a few times!  As we mentioned at the meeting, Jacquie is doing about 10 jobs at once during Tech Week, so we hope to answer your questions and let her focus on the technical aspects of the show.  If we don't immediately know the answer to your question, we will find it out and let you know very soon, we promise (and if we forget, we don't mind being reminded, via e-mail or in person!)
Here is the link to the house duties.  Please remember that the Runner job does not count for show hours and that all jobs other than Runner must be manned by someone 16 or older.  Please also remember that if we are short in a non-usher or concessions area, we may need to pull those of you signing up for those jobs in to help out.  We would let you know in advance so you can have the right outfit on!  But, please do plan your child care accordingly and do not plan to have someone you need to watch closely there with you as you work.  Remember, that you may buy out of one show by paying $20 to the Concession Fund (a check payable to Pied Piper Players) -- please let us know if you will be doing this so we can plan accordingly.  The link:  There are some people on there already as the pre-show cast had the first crack at it (they do not have as many job options so we needed them to sign up first).
Please fill in your volunteer hours at  Very soon our chaperone committee and load in committee are going to be reviewing this document to see who needs hours.  Then they will find you....and if they don't, we will (there are always last minute tasks --running here and there -- that we could really use help with -- we are at the It Takes a Village part of the show!!). 
Please keep selling those tickets!!  Here is another enticement about the Ticket Contest from our Publicity Team! 
Thanksgiving is a mere two days away and we have some great ideas to make your day of thanks a more meaningful one.....
  •  Are you looking for a great gift to give your host & hostess? Tickets to Willy Wonka are always in perfect taste.
  • Having dinner at your home? Willy Wonka tickets make perfect namecards for your guests
  • Give "goody bags" to all your guests - a pair of Willy Wonka tickets are sure to please
  • Extend the spirit of the day by having all those at your gathering attend a Willy Wonka performance together.
  • And remember - if you're the one who has 'sold' the greatest number of tickets, you'll have something to be thankful for later - a fabulous dinner AND stay at an exclusive hotel in Berkeley-- if you sell enough, your co-pros will throw in overnight babysitting! 

 GO TEAM ________________ !  (insert your family name here!)

Lastly, attached is really the most awesome thing e-postcard from our resident computer genius (and Prop Mistress) Rosie Issel.  If you send it to your friends, they can click on it and they are linked directly to our ticketing system!  If it doesn't work for you, please let Rosie know ( -- we would be useless in that regard!
Happy Thanksgiving!!  --- Wendi and Leslie R.
 11/23/09 - WW Schedule Update - TBDs for Tuesday
Hi Wonkerers

What a wonkalicious weekend! It was a long one but we were so productive thanks to your hard work. 

Below is the schedule for Tuesday's TBD.  We're still at the rehearsal space so don't head to the theater just yet!

If you are not listed below then I wish you a rest-filled turkey day!  Please stay tuned to your email as there will be important announcements, instructions and updates leading into Tech Week.

Tues Nov 24
6 - 6:45PM          Phineous (I Eat More blocking)

6 - 7:45PM          Augustus, Mrs. Gloop (I Eat More & Pure Imagination blocking)

6:45 - 7:45PM     Grandpa Joe, Veruca, Mr. Salt, Violet, Mrs. Beauregarde, Mike, Mrs. Teavee, Willy Wonka (Pure Imagination blocking)

6:45 - 8:30PM     Charlie (Pure Imagination blocking & Character Work w/ Leslie)

Let me know if you have any questions -
(650) 804-4800
 11/21/09 - WW Schedule Update - TBDs for Tomorrow!

Hi Wonkerers

Great job today!  It was exciting to watch the first full run thru! I know it was a long day and we appreciate your focus and dedication.
Tomorrow is another BIG DAY!  We have the Stage Crew & Chaperones coming to watch our run. 

Please remember that they need to follow along with the show and take notes. While it's exciting to have your parents there, we need you to focus on your performance while they prepare for Tech.

Tomorrow's schedule is as follows...

Sunday Nov 22

1P – 1:45 P        Caramel Drops (w/ Julie)

1:15P – 1:45 P        Gloops, Phineous, Chocolate Kisses (w/ Rick)

1:45 P - 5 P        FULL CAST RUN THRU

1:45 – 4:30            CHAPERONES A & B, STAGE CREW A & B, KRISTIN


5 P - 6 P            HALL OF FAME CEREMONY (w/ Cake!)

Let me know if you have any questions -
(650) 804-4800

 11/21/09 - Weekend Reminders!
Hi, Wonka Families!!
Please check your e-mail tonight and/or Sunday morning for the TBDs to be filled out.  Caramel Drops will likely be called (they are doing great -- the creative staff just wants to perfect their "moves"!)  Remember, your cast member could be called as early as noon, so please account for that in your timing!  We really appreciate your cooperation and patience in this regard -- the creative staff needs to see how the scenes are going before determining what needs more tweaking!
We look forward to seeing you at the Surviving Tech Week meeting at 4:30 p.m. Sunday and the Hall of Fame Ceremony immediately afterwards!  For those new to PPP, the Hall of Fame is an honor bestowed upon Players completing their fifth show with Pied Piper Players.  There will be cake!
Please bring your checkbook (this sounds like a sorority meeting...!) to the meeting -- we will be collecting for the cast party -- a sure-to-be-fabulous affair immediately following Strike on December 13th (for new famililes...Strike is where we break down the sets, sort the costumes and clean up the theater -- every cast member and one adult per family participates -- it is fun, fast and important to leave the theater better than we found we sound like Girl Scouts...!)  Sue Dooley (Wonka's wife) and Lori Tamura-Chinn (Emily C's mom) have organized an excellent bash for all of us!  The flier is attached.
After the meeting, we will send out a link to our volunteer sign-ups for ushering and concessions for the shows. 
Please also remember to fill out your volunteer hours on the volunteer spread sheet.  We will be looking at this when searching for people to do last minute tasks...!  Here is the link:
Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, please have your cast members PRACTICE their songs and dances, lines and blocking!  Give a preview to Grandma after the big feast...!  Sell tickets to the guy behind you in line at Mollie Stone's (give him your name for the ticket contest...!)
We have some spots available for the school field trip show -- if your class is interested, please let Linda Shapiro know ASAP so she can save the space for the class before it gets filled up!  Linda can be reached at
Stay tuned for details about our exciting will want to buy tickets for this one!!!!
That's it for now!  See you tomorrow (Chaperones and Crew members -- please remember to attend the run-through tomorrow!) -- Wendi and Leslie R.
 11/20/09 - A Few Updates and Requests
Hello Wonka Cast!  Welcome to the weekend -- it will be Willy Wonka full time for the next few weeks (with a little break for turkey and football...!)  Here are a few reminders.  See you at rehearsal!
Ticket Contest!!
Here is a message from our publicity team:
Willy Wonka is a mere two weeks away...... One way to show your children that they are loved is for their friends and family to support them by being in the audience. Okay, that may be a cheap shot - but it's true. Our kids have worked diligently on their performances. Having lots of loved ones in the audience will boost their self esteem AND may help you to win some fantastic prizes. (Did you see that one coming?)

Be sure your child's name is mentioned when tickets are purchased. Only one week left for our contest and there are several families neck to neck for the most number of tickets sold. Break out of the pack and move into the lead! Fabulous prizes await you....

Props Request
Our fabulous props department (wait until you see what they have been cooking up!) has a few addtional requests.  If you have any of these items, please either bring them to rehearsal or contact Rosie Issel at  Here are the items:

  • 1 Kid’s size Radio Flyer WHEELBARROW (not red wagon)
  • autering guns – or something that looks like it
  • Old circuit board from a computer
  • Small pliers or other tools

Run Through Reminders

If you are on the Chaperone or Crew teams, please remember that there is a mandatory attendance for you at the run through on Sunday beginning at 1:45.  In addition, it would be really helpful to have you at the run-through on Saturday from 12:30-3:30 if you can make it.  If you are going to be building or painting at the greenhouse, though, you have a good excuse and we need you there so that is ok!

Parent Meeting and Hall of Fame

We will see you all at the parent meeting on Sunday at 4:30 p.m. and for CAKE and the HALL OF FAME celebration immediately following! 

We could use 150 plates, forks, napkins and 7 chairs -- if someone is willing to bring these to the rehearsal space Sunday for the Hall of Fame you will have our undying gratitude (and one misc. volunteer hour!)

Thanks!!!  -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 11/17/09 - Look Around Your House ...

Our awesome Props deparment needs a few items -- please look around your house and see if you have anything you can give them! Please read the below message from Rosie Issel, Prop Mistress!

Hey there cast members and families!

Your Wonka Prop Team needs your help with a few details for the show.

We need:

Please no heirlooms or anything you don't want damaged. If you have any of these things please contact Rosie Issel ( or bring them to rehearsal this weekend.

Many thanks!

 11/14/09 - Posters!!

Hi, everyone! It is so great to drive around town, go to Starbucks and the like and see our POSTERS! Thanks for getting them up! If you have signed up for a location or area, please put posters there asap if you haven't already. If you have put posters up everywhere you can think of, please return the extras to the rehearsal space so other people can put them up too. They are beautiful and should be up, not sitting in our cars! Thanks, everyone!!!!! You guys ROCK!

 11/13/09 - Study Guide and Sunday Underclothes

Hi, Families! Now that we have your attention...!

Attached is an awesome Study Guide, prepared by Mrs. Bucket, aka Saili Gosula. Please feel free to share this with your friends or teachers who are coming to see the show (or the teachers who you are in the process of convincing to come to the School Field trip show!)

On Sunday, we will be having a Costume Parade! Many cast members will have all or part of their costume ready to try on and show the Creative Staff and Costume Committee. In order to expedite the changing process, and to minimize trips to the third floor bathroom, please have your cast member wear a pair of shorts, leotard, undershirt, or whatever else they would feel comfortable wearing in front of others as they try on their costume. Please remind your cast member that if their costume is not ready yet, or all the pieces are not there on Sunday, that they will indeed have a costume by show time -- they do not need to fret!

See you all at Chevy's tomorrow night!! Remember, 25% of our dinner bills go to Pied Piper Players!!! Chevy's is located at 979 Edgewater Blvd. in Foster City -- very near the rehearsal space! If you want to have the flyer for the fundraiser, you can download it on the home page of our website, -- you can download the study guide from the downloadable files section as well.

-- Wendi and Leslie R.

 11/12/09 - WW Schedule Update!

Hi Wonkerers!
Thank you for your patience. It's here, I've attached our schedule through Dec 13th - you can consider it 98% final! We have a few remaining TBDs and I'm hoping that we won't have to use them because if we do...well, that means that some scenes and numbers are in trouble!

A few friendly reminders from Jacquie...
We have only this weekend (Nov 14, 15) left before we are running the full show in preparation for Tech Week. Our rehearsal period went by so fast!

There are some long Saturday & Sunday rehearsals ahead of us. Some cast members have breaks in their schedule and are welcome to hang out at the rehearsal space.
Remember to bring water, snacks, and lunch when needed. You may also bring a blanket, homework, and quiet activities like coloring to keep you occupied during downtime. You should still bring your script with you but you should not have it in hand during runs.

Tech Week is a crazy time where the cast gets on stage with all the other production elements (lights, sound, costumes, sets, props). Stay healthy! Be prepared by knowing your lines, songs, and dances.
With the exception of illness and family emergencies, no conflicts are allowed during Tech Week.

Please make sure to attend the "Surviving Tech Week" parent meeting on Nov 22 at 4:30PM. Even if you are a PPP veteran, there will be lots of helpful information that will make the transition from rehearsal to tech to performance a breeze!

As always, please contact me with any questions.

(650) 804-4800

 11/11/09 - Candy Gram No. 7

Hello Cast Families!!!

How many posters have you put up? Are there some sitting in your car...if so, please put them up! How many business cards have you handed out? Remember...our shows are REALLY great -- people actually want to come..they just need to know the dates and how to get tickets. The new automated ticket system is working great -- let's use it to SELL OUT the Factory!!! Make sure to tell your friends to enter your name in the referral box when they order their tickets so YOU can win our ticket contest! Let your mother's group and scout troop know about the group discount ($2 off each ticket, arranged by calling 992-PIED (7433) and talking to one of the amazing Petersdorf Parents -- new to PPP yet old hands at being organized!) What a fabulous holiday gathering for any group of friends -- encourage them to come to the Chocolate Factory, hear some Crazy Carols and see your cast member shine!!!

We have attached our gorgeous poster (thanks, Susan Melanson!) in case you have a need to print it out at home!

Mark Your Calendars!
You will have the updated rehearsal schedule late tonight or tomorrow from Jacquie Phillips -- if you do not get it by the end of the day tomorrow, let Jaqcuie know or respond to this e-mail and we will e-mail it to you separately. It seems that some of our e-mails go into your spam folders (the nerve...!)

Please mark your calendar for Sunday, November 22nd. At 4:30 p.m. there will be an important parent meeting about tech week, volunteering at the shows and the like. Please do not skip this meeting even if you have been in a million shows (the old-timers are usually the ones who need a refresher!) and THEN, stick around for our Hall of Fame ceremony at 5 p.m. Cake will be involved. And lots of good cheer (not the bubbly kind, though!) If you are a member of CREW A or B or a CHAPERONE you need to attend the All Cast Rehearsal that day -- please note it in your calendar when the schedule comes out.

Lost and Found
Our four kids (each!) are going to be quite well outfitted in all of your kids' jackets, drinking out of their water bottles, and possibly even enjoying their iPods (well, none yet, but we are keeping our fingers crossed!) Just a subtle (or not!) reminder to CHECK THE LOST AND FOUND at rehearsal. Even if you don't know your child has lost an item -- look anyway!! They probably lost the most!

Rehearsal Space Reminders
Please remind your child not to eat in our rehearsal space (we have personally seen a lot of food sneaking going on...!) -- they may eat right outside the door. Also, please remind them that even though the space is under construction, we need to keep our area perfectly cleaned up -- let's respect this amazing space as it gets spruced up just as we always have.

Harry in Action!
Harry Olson, Willy Wonka cast member currently on his millionth (or is it eighth?) production, would like you to see his drama class in action if you are interested. They are putting on a special performance on November 16th at 7 p.m. of three one-act plays. It will end around 9 p.m. with refreshments to boot! The performance is in Redwood City at the Veterans Memorial Center (1455 Madison Avenue).

Lights, Camera, Wait, no Camera, but Lights...Help Needed!
A pre-tech week job for any of you with no skills and not enough volunteer hours (or anyone who just wants to help make the show run more smoothly..!): our lighting designer, Carolyn Foot, requested two (2) parent volunteers to help hang lights during load-in. The blocks of time set aside for lights are 11/28 5PM-11PM and 11/29 10AM-2PM. No experience necessary, it would be helpful if you're comfortable on a ladder but not necessary, just having folks who can hand instruments and gels to Carolyn is a HUGE time saver so she doesn't have to go up and down the ladder a hundred times. Easy hours and extremely helpful... Please reply to this e-mail if you can help out for any and all of these time periods.

Soccer Socks

We still need a few more pairs of bright green and bright orange soccer socks -- they will be CUT into legwarmers for the oompa loompas -- so please bring any ones you do not want to see again to rehearsal for our AWESOME costume committee. Thanks!!!

Lice Reminder
Please remember to let us know if your cast member ends up with lice (and not to send them to rehearsal until they are nit-free). The cooperation in this regard has been fantastic and we really appreciate it. Please check your kids every so often and do not let them share anything that goes on the head (comb, brush, hoodies, hats) or bump heads (hey, why would they want to...?!)

School Field Trip Show
Please ask your teacher if they would like to bring your class to the school field trip show, especially if you do not go to Baywood or Borel (we'd hate to lose our most loyal families for our weekend shows if the kids all go to the field trip show!) The flier is attached. If you would like Linda Shapiro to follow up with your teacher or principal, please e-mail her the specific information at Don't forget about pre-schools -- this would be a great show for a pre-Kindergarten class as well!

Caution: Stage Manager At Work
Just a gentle reminder to parents: when Jacquie is at rehearsal she is multi-tasking with watching for dropped lines, missed cues, botched entrances; noting where black-outs need to happen, set pieces need to roll in and the like; and monitoring the cast for various situations (little ones doing the potty dance, older ones talking too much, etc. -- and that's just the Ragsdale kids!) If your child is leaving early (which, at this stage, with soccer over, we hope does not need to happen -- we are very close to the show now!!) or has other needs, please let her know before the rehearsal or tell Leslie R. or Wendi if they are around. Jacquie is very plugged in (ahh, youth...!), so she will get your e-mail almost whenever you send it. Thanks in advance for helping the rehearsals run with as few interuptions as possible!

Chevy's: PPP Fundraiser this Saturday, November 14th from 4:30-9 p.m.
Join PPP alums, Willy Wonkerers and Crazy Carolers for a fun-filled fundraising evening at Chevy's!! This Saturday night, Chevy's will donate 25% of our dinner bills to PPP!!! Miss Kimberly was able to arrange this event on a Saturday night, which they don't normally agree to, with a promise that we'd have a ton of people there -- let's fulfill that goal and have a great time while we do it! Invite your non-PPP friends too! BRING A FLYER!

Ok, a Wonka Bar goes to the first cast member to respond to this e-mail and let us know they have read the whole thing...seriously (but no need to point out our typos, unless they are important!) -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 11/08/09 - Last Chance for a Great Opportunity!

Hi Willy Wonka families!

We still have some ad space in the Willy Wonka playbill. We have extended the deadline to Friday, November 13, so if you are thinking of placing an ad, or know of someone who might be interested in placing an ad, now is the time!

Playbill ads are a great way to congratulate your actor on a special achievement, a first appearance on stage or with PPP, or induction into the Hall of Fame. Also, playbill ads reach a key audience demographic for music and dance teachers, youth sports and activities instructors such as martial arts, tennis, art, and the like. Also, it's a great way to promote your business.

Contact Jana Fore at or Joanne Spetz at if you would like to place an ad so we can reserve a space for you! Specs and pricing are noted below:

The playbill is printed in black ink • Trim size is 5.5:x 8.5:• Copy area is 4.75:x 7.5:. Advertising helps offset the expense of printing playbills. All ads purchased include a copy of the playbill. Rates for business or personal ads:

Business Card Final Size 3.5 " x 2:$ 50
Quarter Page Final Size 2:x 3.5 $ 50
Half Page Final Size 4.75 " x 3.8:$ 80
Full Page (non-cover) Final Size 4.75" x 7.7:$135
Back Cover Final Size 5:x 8:$385
Inside Back Cover Final Size 5:x 8:$280
Inside Front Cover Final Size 5:x 8:$280

For best results, please carefully read and follow all instructions listed below.

Advertising deadline: Friday November 13, 2009. Placement will not be guaranteed if received after this date.
Ads are placed on a first come :first served basis.
Black and white ads: Artwork should be in black & white. Color separations are not definable when scanned into black and white.
Back cover only: Please submit a high resolution PDF (outlined), EPS (outlined) or JPEG color file.
Unacceptable artwork includes logos with screen values, metallic print or embossing, or dark or strong colors that are touching.
Artwork format preferred: High Resolution PDF (outlined), EPS (outlined), or high resolution JPEG file.
Receivable on disk or e-mailed to address below (up to 5 MB files). High Resolution - camera-ready art will be accepted.
All ads must be accompanied with a completed form, hard copy and payment. Ads submitted without payment will not be placed.
Artwork should be scaled to specs as shown on the reverse side. Please keep all copy 1/8'' from edge of advertisement.
If you would like us to design your ad for you please note there is an additional $50.00 design fee per ad.
Electronic files may be sent to Please make checks payable to Pied Piper Players (Visa/Mastercard accepted). Attach your ad (or a copy of your email) to this form and return it along with your payment to:

Pied Piper Players :Attn: Advertising
P.O. Box 1996
Burlingame, CA 94011
Payment information

_____Check enclosed. Make checks payable to Pied Piper Players, Inc.

Credit Card (Visa/MC Only):__________________ Exp date: _________ Name on card: _____________________

Business name : ____________________________________ Contact: __________________________________

Important: Credit Card Billing Address: _________________________________________________

Email: Phone ( ) __________

Referred by: (cast member:s name if applicable)

 11/08/09 - Tickets on sale NOW!

Tickets are on sale now!!!! Ticket Turtle, our electronic ticketing system, is LIVE! Please purchase your tickets by logging onto and clicking on Tickets on sale now! With this awesome system, you can select your own seats!! Please remember the friends, relatives, neighbors, scout troops and the like who have expressed an interest in the show and send them an e-mail today reminding them to purchase their tickets. Please tell them that they can avoid a line at the box office by selecting their own seats in this electronic system!! Ask them to put your name in the space where the system asks which cast member referred them to the show (they can put more than one cast member, so no fighting for our mutual friends is necessary!)

Here is some sample language about the show to use in your e-mail, if you so desire. Feel free to personalize it in any way!

Pied Piper Players presents Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka on December 4-13, 2009 , at the Bayside Performing Arts Center in San Mateo . This lively musical based on the beloved children's classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, tells the timeless story of a world famous candy man and his quest to find an heir. With lyrics and music by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, this family-friendly musical is sure to bring back wonderful chocolate-filled memories for parents and entertain children like never before! The show features cast members ranging from age 5 to 75 with a full orchestra and engaging choreography. The rollicking entertainment lasts approximately two hours and 10 minutes, including intermission and a fabulous bonus feature before the show.

Performances are: Fridays, December 4 & 11, 7:00 pm; Saturdays, December 5 & 12, 2:00 pm; and Sundays, December 6 & 13, 2:00 pm

Join us for a special Talk Back session after the show on Sunday, December 6th, where audience members can meet the cast and crew, take a backstage tour, and discover how theater magic is created.

Tickets: Reserved seating: $16 Adult, $10 Senior/Children under 13.

For ticket information, please call 650-992-PIED (7433) or visit

Group prices available ($2 off per ticket for groups of 10 or more attending the same performance) - this must be arranged by calling 992-PIED (7433).

See You at the Factory!

If you encounter any technical difficulties with Ticket Turtle, please notify David Issel (so all issues go to one place). David is our Board President, Ticket Turtle guru and father of KOKOK Kids Radio's Dory...! David's e-mail is If you get an error message related to Cookies, please add to your Allowed webites (Tools - Internet Options - Privacy - Sites).

For your planning purposes, if you are ushering or working concessions and would like to see the show, you are free to sit in the very back if the show is not sold out. If, however, you want a seat further up, you do need to purchase one. Also, keep in mind that if you are ushering, you may need to leave during the performance to escort in late patrons or escort out disrputive ones (or at least get up and talk to them -- "no photography" reminders, etc.) Thanks for understanding about this!

Thanks!!! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 11/07/09 - Soccer Uniforms and More!

Hi, all!

We are looking for brightly colored soccer socks (light pink, bright green and bright orange soccer) to lend to the oompa loompa's to wear for Willy Wonka. If you have them, please bring them to rehearsal Sunday. If you have them, but they are dirty from soccer this weekend, or you still need them, please respond to this e-mail that you are willing to lend them and what color they are.

Also, the Sage/Ravid family is collecting used soccer uniforms to take down to Mexico -- kids who can't afford them are given uniforms and it is a wonderful thing! Jackie Sage is going this Wednedsay, so please bring any uniforms or soccer items you would like to donate (shirts, shorts, socks, cleats, balls) to rehearsal tomorrow (Sunday).

We are keeping our fingers crossed that our brand new ticket system will go LIVE tomorrow! Please stay tuned! Please, please, please send out an e-mail tomorrow as soon as you get word that the ticket system is LIVE to EVERYONE on your e-mail list -- and tell them to enter your name as the cast family that sent them to Willy Wonka -- the family that sells the most tickets gets a PRIZE (and it is a good one -- more details to come from our Publicity Team!)

Please put up POSTERS, hand out BUSINESS CARDS, TALK UP THE SHOW!!!! Let's sell out the Factory!!

Thanks!!!! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 11/03/09 - WW Schedule Update (Through Nov 12th)

Hi Wonkerers!
Thank you for your patience. After this past weekend of rehearsals it became very clear to the Artistic Staff that there are Ensemble groups and parts of the show that require much more rehearsal.
Please read the schedule carefully as the TBDs have been filled in and there have been changes to the times for Acting Groups.

A few friendly reminders from Jacquie...

Please be Off Book for all scenes and songs. (You should still bring your script with you but you should not have it in hand during runs!) Remember to bring water, snacks, and lunch when needed.

Many cast members are in playoff mode for their sports teams. Congratulations! A gentle reminder that we have only 2 weekends (!) left until we need to be running the full show to prep for Tech Week. Excluding illnesses and family emergencies, many cast members have already used their 2 allotted absences.

Lastly, the Stage Manager is here to help. If you're not feeling well, need to use the bathroom, need a band-aid, or anything - please let me know. I may look busy but I will always make time for you! (Especially if you've missed rehearsal, make sure to get your blocking notes from myself or another cast member.)

Rehearsal Schedule (TBDs Updated Through Nov 12th)

10 am – 12 pm Nutterifics, Suckers, Charlie
11:15 am – 12 pm Candy Man, Candy Man’s Assistant
12 pm – 1 pm Choreography: OL1 Chocolate Kisses
12:30 – 1:30 pm Willy Wonka
1 pm – 2 pm Choreography: OL2 Gumballs
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Veruca
2 pm – 3 pm Acting Group SWEET
2 pm – 3 pm Choreography: OL3 Nutterifics
3 pm – 4 pm Acting Group SPICY
2:30 pm – 5 pm Charlie
3 pm – 5 pm OL4 Carmel Drops
3 pm – 5 pm Grandpa Joe
3:30 pm – 5 pm Willy Wonka (yes, again)
4pm – 5 pm Mrs. Teavee, Mike Teavee, Willy Wonka
5 pm – 6 pm Acting Group SALTY

12 pm – 1 pm Acting Group SOUR
1:00 – 4:30 pm Chocolate Kisses
1:30 pm – 5 pm Augustus, Mrs. Gloop
1:30 – 2:15 pm Phineous
2:15 – 5 pm Violet, Mrs. Beauregarde, Veruca, Mr. Salt, Willy Wonka, Grandpa Joe, Charlie, Mike Teavee, Mrs. Teavee
2:45 pm – 5 pm FULL CAST

6 pm – 9 pm Nutterifics, Suckers
7:30 pm – 9 pm Willy Wonka, Grandpa Joe, Charlie, Mike Teavee, Mrs. Teavee, Mr. Salt, Veruca

6pm – 8:30 pm Gumballs
7:30 – 8:30 pm Violet, Mrs. Beauregarde, Veruca, Mr. Salt, Willy Wonka, Grandpa Joe, Charlie, Mike Teavee, Mrs. Teavee

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. (650) 804-4800

All rehearsals will be held at 1800 Gateway Drive San Mateo, CA 94404

Thank you!

 11/03/09 - Candy Gram No. 6

We have a show, people! This is very exciting seeing it all come together! Leslie was especially happy with the ensemble players this past weekend -- they have been practicing and it shows! Please have your cast member review their lines, blocking, songs, choreography, entrances and exits (and remind them to exit off "stage" -- even if we are in our rehearsal space -- pretend the orchestra pit is there and don't fall into it!)

Updated Schedule
A revised rehearsal schedule for this weekend will be coming very soon. Please check your e-mail.

Lost and Found
Please check the Lost & Found at rehearsals. These poor lost items will laid out by the door. We have several sweatshirts, shin guards, books, socks, etc., which will be given away if not retrieved by their rightful owners.

Show Chaperones Needed
As you know (hopefully!), each family is required to work four (or five, if you have more than one child in the cast) performances. You can usher, sell concessions (front of house duties), work the backstage crew or chaperone the kids in the greenroom. We will be sending around a google docs sign up for the front of house duties soon (crew is already set), but wanted to let you know that we need more chaperones. The chaperones are working in two teams and both need additional manpower. The schedules for the teams is: Chaperone Group A -- Nov. 22nd, attend run-through; Tech Week (work Nov. 30, Dec. 1st); shows (work Dec. 4th 7 p..m., Dec. 6th 2 p.m. and Dec. 12th 2 p.m. shows); Chaperone Group B -- Nov. 22nd, attend run-through; Tech Week (work Nov. 30, Dec. 2nd); shows (Dec. 4th school show 10 a.m., Dec. 5th 2 p.m. show, Dec. 11th 7 p.m. show, Dec. 13th 2 p.m. show) You will also need to read the script (if you haven't already). For the extra time spent at the Nov. 22nd rehearsal and reading the script, you will receive 10 volunteer hour credits (yeah!!) Please respond to this e-mail if you are interested in this important opportunity to really help the show run smoothly!!!

Green Candy Request
Ok, not a request for green-colored candy, but an environmentally sound and healthful request: please bring your extra Halloween candy to rehearsal (in a bag that the kids won't open!) and give it to one of us. We know you most likely have too much! We will use it for Candy Grams (not the flavorless kind we send...!) to be sent to the cast after the shows from their fans (note -- we said AFTER the shows -- we do not want the kids eating candy DURING the shows -- thanks!!)

Kudos Save...
Our Playbill team has given us all a reprieve and you can still turn in your kudos through this weekend. Please e-mail them to You get two kudos for free and the additional ones are $4 each (checks payable to Pied Piper Players may be left in the Kudos envelope at rehearsal this weekend).

Last Chance for Playbill Ads
Playbill ads are due by the end of this week. We have attached the ad form -- please consider placing one if you have not already. Your business will benefit...your friend's business will benefit...your cast member will be thrilled!

School Field Trip Show
The slots are filling up fast for the December 4th field trip show. If you are interested in having your cast member's class attend (or another class at the school!), please hand your teacher the attached brochure and have them contact Linda Shapiro at

Publicity Day Reminder
This Saturday, November 7th, is Publicity Day! Please plan to pick up posters at the rehearsal space when you drop off your child. Please also plan to spend some time Saturday (or Sunday if your Saturday is packed) putting up posters around town (after asking permission of the manager/owner course!) There will be sign up sheets for locations to put up posters. If you go around and spend a significant amount of time putting up posters in a given neighborhood (e.g. 4th Avenue in San Mateo, Burlingame Avenue -- there will be sign ups for these areas as well), you can get credit for volunteer hours for that time.

Lice Fact Sheet
The lice situation seems to have passed -- thanks to quick reporting by the family involved. Please do remind your cast member not to bump heads with other kids, share hats or combs and the like. We have attached a handy lice sheet from a local school that you can save just in case!

Thanks for your attention! See you at the Factory! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 10/31/09 - Trick AND Treat

Hi, all! We hope you are having a fantastic Halloween! If your cast member came to rehearsal today, they got a treat from Leslie Stupple.

There is a slight chance they were exposed something not quite as of the cast families discovered lice on their cast member after rehearsal. So, please check your child tonight and again before rehearsal tomorrow. If, now or at another time, you notice a nit (egg) or lice, please do not bring your child to rehearsal until they are nit-free. If you come upon this situation, please also let us know. We really appreciated the family telling us today -- lice are no fun and a big pain in the you-know-what -- and the faster we get notice, the less of a chance that it spreads to other cast or family members.

Also, if you come across lice, there are fantastic eradication companies that are local and you can find by googling -- they are worth every penny...

Thanks for your understanding. -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 10/30/09 - Pianist Needed and Playbill Deadlines

Hello Cast Families!

We hope your princesses, goblins and other characters are enjoying the Halloween Season!

Pit Pianist Needed
We have a request from our brilliant (and patient!) Musical Director, Rick Reynolds. He needs an additional pianist for the pit -- the person needs to be an experienced pianist and available for all the tech week rehearsals and shows. If you have someone in mind (your piano teacher, someone you know in the music community...), please respond to this e-mail with their contact information.

Playbill Deadlines
Please remember to submit your Kudos by the end of the day tomorrow, October 31st to They should not exceed 55 characters in length. You get two free for each cast member and can purchase additional Kudos for $4 each -- there will be an envelope for printed Kudos and checks at rehearsals this weekend. If you do not have rehearsal tomorrow, then Sunday is fine!

Here is a message regarding Playbill ads from Jana Fore, also known as mother to Phineaus Trout:

Hi Willy Wonka families!

We still have some ad space in the Willy Wonka playbill and the deadline for ad placement is November 6, so if you are thinking of placing an ad, or know of someone who might be interested in placing an ad, now is the time!

Playbill ads are a great way to congratulate your actor on a special achievement, a first appearance on stage or with PPP, or induction into the Hall of Fame. Also, playbill ads reach a key audience demographic for music and dance teachers, youth sports and activities instructors such as martial arts, tennis, art, and the like. Also, it's a great way to promote your business.

Contact Jana Fore at or Joanne Spetz at if you would like to place an ad so we can reserve a space for you! Specs and pricing are noted below:

The playbill is printed in black ink - Trim size is 5.5 -x 8.5 - - Copy area is 4.75 -x 7.5 -. Advertising helps offset the expense of printing playbills. All ads purchased include a copy of the playbill. Rates for business or personal ads:

Business Card Final Size 3.5 " x 2 -$ 50
Quarter Page Final Size 2 -x 3.5 $ 50
Half Page Final Size 4.75 " x 3.8 -$ 80
Full Page (non-cover) Final Size 4.75" x 7.7 -$135
Back Cover Final Size 5 -x 8 -$385
Inside Back Cover Final Size 5 -x 8 -$280
Inside Front Cover Final Size 5 -x 8 -$280

For best results, please carefully read and follow all instructions listed below.

Advertising deadline: Friday November 6, 2009. Placement will not be guaranteed if received after this date.
Ads are placed on a first come -first served basis.

Black and white ads: Artwork should be in black & white. Color separations are not definable when scanned into black and white.
Back cover only: Please submit a high resolution PDF (outlined), EPS (outlined) or JPEG color file.
Unacceptable artwork includes logos with screen values, metallic print or embossing, or dark or strong colors that are touching.
Artwork format preferred: High Resolution PDF (outlined), EPS (outlined), or high resolution JPEG file.
Receivable on disk or e-mailed to address below (up to 5 MB files). High Resolution - camera-ready art will be accepted.
All ads must be accompanied with a completed form, hard copy and payment. Ads submitted without payment will not be placed.
Artwork should be scaled to specs as shown on the reverse side. Please keep all copy 1/8'' from edge of advertisement.
If you would like us to design your ad for you please note there is an additional $50.00 design fee per ad.
Electronic files may be sent to Please make checks payable to Pied Piper Players (Visa/Mastercard accepted). Attach your ad (or a copy of your email) to this form and return it along with your payment to:

Pied Piper Players -Attn: Advertising
P.O. Box 1996
Burlingame, CA 94011
Payment information

_____Check enclosed. Make checks payable to Pied Piper Players, Inc.

Credit Card (Visa/MC Only):__________________ Exp date: _________ Name on card: _____________________

Business name­­­­­­­­­­: ____________________________________ Contact: __________________________________

Important: Credit Card Billing Address: _________________________________________________

Email: Phone ( ) __________

Referred by: (cast member -s name if applicable)

 10/27/09 - WW Schedule Update (Through Nov 5th)

Hi Wonkerers!

Thank you again for your patience. We have filled in the TBDs through Nov. 5th. Please read carefully!


Wed Oct 28
6pm – 8pm Augustus, Mrs. Gloop, Phineous, Teagan R., Ethan M., GUMBALLS

6:30pm – 8pm Violet, SUCKERS


7:15pm – 8:15pm Charlie

7:15pm – 9pm NUTTERIFICS

8pm – 9pm Candy Man (Peter)

Thu Oct 29
6pm – 8:30pm Charlie, SUCKERS, NUTTERIFICS

7pm – 7:45pm Augustus

7:45 – 8:30pm Veruca

Sat Oct 31 Happy Halloween!
10am – 11:00am Acting Group SWEET

10am – 11:00am Charlie, Mrs. Bucket

10am – 12pm NUTTERIFICS

11:00am – 12pm Acting Group SPICY

11:00am – 12pm Candy Man (Peter)

12pm – 2pm GUMBALLS

12:30pm– 1:15pm Violet

1:15pm – 2:30pm Augustus, Mrs. Gloop, Phineous, CHOCOLATE KISSES

2pm – 3:30pm CARAMEL DROPS

2:30pm – 4pm Charlie, Mrs. Bucket, Grandpa Joe, Grandma Josephine, Grandpa George, Grandma Georgina

Sun Nov 1
12pm – 1pm Acting Group SOUR


12pm – 12:45pm Mike, Mrs. Teavee

1pm – 2pm Acting Group SALTY

1pm – 2pm GUMBALLS

1pm – 5pm Charlie, Grandpa Joe (w/RICK)

2pm – 5pm SUCKERS, NUTTERIFICS, Mrs. Gloop, Augustus, Violet, Mrs. Beauregarde, Veruca, Mr. Salt, Mike, Mrs. Teavee

3pm – 5pm FULL CAST

5pm – 6pm MEETING: Head Chaperones, Stage Crew A, Stage Crew B

Wed Nov 4 Act I OFF BOOK - No Scripts in hand!
6:30pm – 9pm Charlie, Mrs. Bucket, Grandpa Joe, Grandma Josephine, Grandpa George, Candy Man, Candy Man’s Assistant, Mrs. Gloop, Augustus, Mrs. Beauregarde, Violet, Mrs. Teavee, Mike, Mr. Salt, Veruca, SUCKERS, NUTTERIFICS

Thu Nov 5 Act II OFF BOOK - No Scripts in hand!
6:30pm – 9pm Willy Wonka, Charlie, Grandpa Joe, Mrs. Beauregarde, Violet, Mrs. Teavee, Mike, Mr. Salt, Veruca

6:30pm – 7:30pm GUMBALLS

7:30 – 9pm Mrs. Gloop, Augustus

8pm – 9pm SUCKERS

Email or call me if you have any questions!

(650) 804-4800

 10/26/09 - Candy Gram No. 5

Hi Wonka Families!!

We are getting so excited for this show and starting to tell our friends to get the date of their calendar -- we hope that you are doing the same. Tickets should be on sale soon!

School Field Trip Show

Please also spread the word for the school field trip show on Friday, December 4th. If you know of someone who is interested, please have them contact Linda Shapiro at

Playbill Ads

Please remember to sell a playbill ad (or two!) to your friends and neighbors that own a business. Put one in for your cast member too! The ad form is attached and the deadline is approaching, so please act soon! For more information, contact Jana Fore at

Volunteer Hours Tracking

Our awesome Technology Committee has started a tracking system for all parent volunteers to enter their hours. Please take the time in the next day or so to enter your hours worked thus far AND to update this periodically. We will be looking at this when figuring who to ask to do additional projects as the show gets closer... The tracker can be found at This is a shared live document, so please do not change any other data or descriptions.

Kudos Deadline This Saturday

The deadline for Kudos -- witty statements of thanks in the playbill -- is this Saturday, October 31st. Attached is the form with instructions. They can be e-mailed with payment dropped off at rehearsal OR the form can be filled out and dropped off at rehearsal with payment.

Lost and Found and Scripts

Our lost and found is growing and starting to overtake Jacquie's car! Please take the time to look through it this weekend. Whatever is left over at the end of the show will be donated to charity. Please have your cast member's script LABELED on the outside -- several people have mistakenly taken someone else's script. Please look at your cast member's script and make sure to return it to its rightful owner (or the lost and found if it is not marked) this weekend. These binders are yours to keep -- please write the name on them or insert a paper in the plastic that they write their name on or draw a picture on so this problem does not reoccur.

Thanks for your continued support and hard work -- please have your cast member rehearse and review lines, blocking, music and choreography before every rehearsal -- it makes a big difference in how smoothly the rehearsal runs! Please also have them do their vocal warm-ups on the way in to rehearsal as well. Thanks!! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 10/26/09 - WW Schedule Update

Hi Wonkerers!

I have an important schedule update for this week.
Please read carefully! Email or call me if you have any questions.

Wed Oct 28
6pm – 8pm Augustus, Mrs. Gloop, Phineous,Teagan R., Ethan M., GUMBALLS

6:30pm – 8pm Violet, SUCKERS


7:15pm – 8:15pm Charlie

7:15pm – 9pm NUTTERIFICS

8pm – 9pm Candy Man (Peter)

Thu Oct 29
6pm – 8:30pm Charlie, SUCKERS, NUTTERIFICS

7pm – 7:45pm Augustus

7:45 – 8:30pm Veruca

The Artistic Staff is working out a revised rehearsal schedule. Changes to the schedule are based on which parts of the show need more work. I will send an update for this weekend and beyond ASAP.

Thanks for your patience!

(650) 804-4800

 10/26/09 - Willy Wonka school show -- typo in flyer

Hi Families!!! If you have the cute flyer for the school field trip show, please do not hand it to your teachers. We have discovered a significant typo in the author's name (darn spellcheck must have done its damage!) Please wait to get a new copyy this weekend. In the meantime, here is a blurb you can e-mail your teachers and friends about the field trip opportunity. Thanks all!!!

See A Childhood Classic Come to Life!

Pied Piper Players presents Roald Dahl -s Willy Wonka from Decem ber 4-13, 2009 , at the Bayside Performing Arts Center in San Mateo . Your class can attend our fantastic school field trip show on Friday, December 4th from 10 a.m. until 11:45 a.m. Reserve your space now as this field trip show will fill up fast!

This lively musical based on the beloved children -s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, tells the timeless story of a world famous candy man and his quest to find an heir. With lyrics and music by Leslie Bruicusse and Anthony Newley, this family-friendly musical is sure to bring back wonderful chocolate-filled memories for teachers and entertain children like never before! The show features cast members ranging from age 5 to 75 with a full orchestra and engaging choreography. The rollicking entertainment will encourage your students to seek out the rest of Roald Dahl's quirky and imaginative stories!

Tickets are $10 per student with a free chaperone ticket for every 10 children attending. Additional chaperone tickets are $10 each. For ticket information, please contact Linda Shapiro at

 10/26/09 - A Message from Our Esteemed Director!

Hi, Willy Wonka Families -- great to see you this weekend! Here is a message from Leslie Stupple. See you all soon! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the half-way(ish) point. Things are going okay, but coming along a little slower than we'd like. So, here's a few things we'd like you and our participants to keep in mind going forward.

Willy Wonka is "for children" (to view) and we think that is translating to the cast that it is an "easy (childish) show". There is a sense that cast members are taking the material for granted. The material actually requires more attention than than usual. There are a number of complicated tasks we are expecting everyone to carry out.

For what reason we do not know, the rehearsals feel lack-luster; the staff feels like we aren't getting everyone's best effort. We've spoken to the cast about this. Largely, the feedback from them is that they feel "lost" because of the number of people that are missing from rehearsals. This is a recurring comment.

Its very disappointing. We feel we were quite clear in the beginning of this process about missing two rehearsals. Many cast members have exceeded this limit. Quite frankly, we agree with the cast members who have made this show a priority (over other activities) who feel this is "unfair". Of course, there are illnesses that can't be avoided (and we don't want those guys at rehearsal of course) and some other important family matters that have emerged in a couple of instances. Those are not the absences that we are concerned about. It seems that choices are not being made in a way that leaves fellow cast members feeling supported.

There are a lot of people who are on time, prepared and ready to go. They are genuinely disappointed when the staff can't get too much done without everyone in the group in attendance. We appreciate those people and thank them for their time and commitment.

We are urging you to reflect on your experience in this show and, going forward, give it the time and commitment the material, the staff and your fellow cast members need and deserve.

Thank you,

 10/24/09 - WW Reminder & Important Schedule Update!

Hi Wonkerers!

I have an important schedule update for tomorrow. Please read carefully! Email or call me if you have any questions.

Sunday Oct 25th:

12pm – 1pm Acting Group SOUR
1pm – 2pm Acting Group SALTY
2:30pm - 4pm Act I: FULL CAST *
* Grandpa George, Grandma Josephine, Grandma Georgina called 3PM – 4PM
* Willy Wonka called 3:45PM – 5PM
4pm – 5pm Act II OFF BOOK: Willy Wonka, Charlie, Grandpa Joe, Mrs. Gloop, Augustus, Violet, Mrs. Beauregarde, Veruca, Mr. Salt, Mike, Mrs. Teavee

Reminder about Head Shots Tomorrow:

Please plan on your cast member taking a HEAD SHOT at rehearsal this Sunday Oct 25th. This is a photo that a professional photographer takes that will be displayed in the lobby (next to their bio -- did you get yours in yet?!) during the run of the show. The head shots will be taken during the ALL CAST rehearsal Sunday. Please have your cast member wear a BLACK t-shirt with no writing on it (or they can turn it around backwards) No tank tops please...

We'll be sending out a revised rehearsal schedule by Monday (with some of those TBDs filled in!)

Thanks and I'll see you tomorrow!

(650) 804-4800

 10/22/09 - Candy Gram No. 4

Hello Wonka Families!!!

This show is certainly shaping up nicely and the Creative Staff appreciates the continued time and effort the cast has been making in showing up at rehearsals (unless they have the flu!) and practicing their dances, songs, lines and blocking in between rehearsals. Please keep it up and make sure to be OFF BOOK and well rehearsed for this weekend.

Here is a reminder of this weekend and week's schedule:

Sat Oct 24
10am -11am Acting Group SWEET
11am -12pm Acting Group SPICY
10am - 11:00am Music: Willy Wonka
11am -12:30pm Music: In This Room Here: Willy Wonka, Charlie, Grandpa Joe, Mrs. Gloop, Augustus, Mrs. Beauregarde, Violet, Mrs. Teavee, Mike, Mr. Salt, Veruca
1pm - 2:30pm FULL CAST (Finale Blocking & Music)
2:30pm -4pm Music & Blocking: Willy Wonka, Charlie, Grandpa Joe

Sun Oct 25
12pm -1pm Acting Group SOUR
1pm -2pm Acting Group SALTY
2:30pm - 5pm Act II Review: FULL CAST

If you are unsure of your cast member's acting group, please see the website for their listing. The pre-show (now officially entitled Crazy Carols) cast members are also in acting groups, so please ask your cast member to be fully inclusive and welcoming to the other kids!

Please plan on your cast member taking a HEAD SHOT at rehearsal this SUNDAY. This is a photo that a professional photographer takes that will be displayed in the lobby (next to their bio -- did you get yours in yet?!) during the run of the show. The head shots will be taken during the ALL CAST rehearsal Sunday. Please have your cast member wear a BLACK t-shirt with no writing on it (or they can turn it around backwards...) No tank tops please....

Publicity Day
Please mark your calendars for Saturday, Nov. 7th. At rehearsal that day all families will pick up posters and business cards advertising the show -- please help get the word out and let's sell out our wonderful performances!

Pick-up rehearsal
The pick up (also known as brush up) rehearsal -- which is where the kids review the show again between the performance weekends -- will be held on Thursday, December 10th at 6:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. Stay tuned for a location, but please mark your calendars for this important and mandatory rehearsal.

Field Trip Show
We have space for the Friday, Dec. 4th field trip show. If your child's class is interested in attending, please contact parent volunteer Linda Shapiro at The performance will be at 10 a.m. and end by 11:45 a.m. The cost is $10 per student, with a free chaperone ticket for every 10 students in attendance. This is a great way for kids to see the books they read in school come to life -- educational and entertaining at the same time!

Playbill Ads
Please consider placing an ad in our wonderful Playbill. It is distributed to our audiences and the ads help finance the Playbill's production. You can honor your cast member or advertise your business -- reaching a large, captive audience! If you have a friend who is interested in advertising, please give them the information as well! The advertising form is attached to this e-mail. For more information, please contact parent volunteer Jana Fore.

Thanks for your attention! See you this weekend!! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 10/20/09 - Fw: make any changes necessary, hope this looks good, let me know....

Hello Pied Piper Families!!!

We are so excited about Willy Wonka and our pre-show holiday bonus mini musical! We have an important announcement from our Publicity Committee -- so please read it below and look for your name too. If everyone can please put the publicity blurb (feel free to personalize it in any way) in their newsletters (online or hard copy) that would be fabulous! Maybe your scout troop or Saturday or Sunday school group wants to all come together -- we have discounts for groups of 10 or more!! This is also a fabulous show for a birthday party to attend! Please get the word out through all ways possible!

Speaking of getting the word out, please mark your calendars for Saturday, November 7th for PUBLICITY DAY! On that day ALL families will pick up posters and business cards advertising our show and will put up posters around town (after getting permission, of course!) The posters will be at our rehearsal site at drop off and pick up times for rehearsal that day.

Here is the message from our Publicity Committee (the best one, since you are all on it!!!)

Hi Willy Wonka Families,

NOW is the time to let others know about our wonderful show! Please send out e-mails to your community: your schools, preschools, religious institutions, mother's clubs, boy and girl scout troops, music and dance schools to name a few!!

There is a blurb attached to this e-mail, we have also attached a separate blurb in Spanish.

We have gone through the publicity surveys and taken the liberty to assign some individuals to contact specific schools or other local organizations.

If you can't do it please let me know, I will gladly find someone else.


Baywood: Kristen/Jeff Phillips

Burlingame Mother's Club: Kristen Phillips

Franklin: Petersdorf

North Shoreview: Gosula/Cortwright

Bowditch: Issel

Lincoln: McMaster

BIS: Mellman

West Hillsborough: Fore

McKinley: Mellman

Borel: Cerreta

North Hillsborough: Gelman/Turner

Carey: Fay

Nesbitt: McMaster

Keys: Chaney-Wylie

St Mathew's: Carter/King

St. Timothy: Giussi

Wornick and Hausner Jewish Day Schools: Talcove

Dance Art's Center: Ragsdale

Aragon: Gosula/Cortwright

Please contact me any questions or help needed.

Let the blurbing begin!!

Davida Talcove

Publicity Committee

 10/16/09 - Easy Hours...! and a few reminders

Hi, Wonka Families!!!

We have an easy project (for someone electronically inclined) for volunteer hours! We need copies of our music CD made for each cast family. Ideally you would pick up the master CD from Jacquie at noon on Saturday and return with the copies at 5 p.m. so everyone can have them this weekend. But, if you can do it but not on that quick of a turn-around, please let us know that too! We would need for you to purchase the blank CDs but would reimburse for that expense. If you are interested, please respond to this e-mail. Thanks!!!

We hope you are excited for a fun-filled and productive rehearsal weekend. Please make sure your cast member has their lines, blocking and choreography memorized before coming to rehearsal tomorrow (for all scenes they have learned already).

Here is a quick reminder of the upcoming schedule (as always, in our fabulous rehearsal space at 1800 Gateway, San Mateo):
Sat Oct 17 10am -11am Character Work: Willy Wonka

11am -12pm Scene Work: Charlie, Willy Wonka, Grandpa Joe

12pm -2pm Music & Blocking: FULL CAST

2pm -2:30pm Lunch Break: FULL CAST

2:30pm -5pm Act 1 Stumble-Thru: FULL CAST (no Willy Wonka)

Sun Oct 18 12pm -2pm OL1: Chocolate Kisses

12pm -2pm OL2: Gumballs

1:30pm -2pm Character Work: Veruca

2pm -5pm Blocking: Act II: sc5, sc6, sc 7: Charlie, Grandpa Joe, Willy Wonka, Mr. Salt, Veruca, Mrs. Teavee, Mike

2pm -4pm OL3: Nutterifics

2pm -4pm OL4: Carmel Drops

Wed Oct 21 6:30pm -8:30pm Music: Willy Wonka

6:30pm -8:30pm Act I Review: Suckers, Charlie, Buckets, Candy Man, Candy Man-s Assistant, Mrs. Gloop, Augustus, Mrs. Teavee, Mike, Mrs. Beauregarde, Violet, Mr. Salt, Veruca

Thu Oct 22 6:30pm -9pm Blocking Act II sc 1, sc2, sc4: Willy Wonka, Charlie, Grandpa Joe, Mrs. Gloop, Augustus, Mrs. Beauregarde, Violet, Mrs. Teavee, Mike, Mr. Salt, Veruca

Please remember to notify Jacquie Phillips if your cast member will miss all or part of a rehearsal. Please keep in mind that missing more than two rehearsals may result in your cast member having their stage time reduced. Also, if they miss rehearsal they are responsible for learning the missed material from their fellow cast mates.

See you at the Factory! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 10/10/09 - Candy Gram 3

Who can take a Sunrise...sprinkle it with dew...

Sorry, you caught us singing over here...we are so excited to see the rehearsals underway and the kids enjoying themselves (and each other!) so much!

Rehearsal Reminders

Speaking of rehearsals, we have attached the rehearsal schedule in case you have trouble locating it. It was sent out by our amazing Stage Manager, Jacquie Phillips, a while back, so if you don't have it, let us know because that means maybe you escaped her e-mail list. The schedule is also on our website under Downloadable Files as well as entered into our show calendar by our Fabulous Webmaster, also known as Mrs. Bucket, Saili Gosula! You will receive an e-mail if there are any changes to the schedule. If it is last minute, Jacquie will send you an e-mail and if you do not respond, she will call you. Please respond, though, so she doesn't have to make too many calls! You should all be e-mail addicts by now...or at least checking on the morning before you leave for rehearsal, just in case...!

Please have your cast member bring his/her script to every rehearsal. And a few pencils. And water. If it is a long rehearsal, please bring a snack (but it may only be eaten outside during a break). Please have your cast member personalize the script -- preferably on the outside of the binder -- as the binders are mostly identical and can easily be mistaken for each other.

BEFORE rehearsal, please ask your cast member to perform vocal warm-ups in the car -- any of the ones they have learned from Rick are great (if they don't know any yet -- have them go up and down the scales at least!) It really helps them in rehearsal if they come in warmed up vocally. AFTER rehearsal, please have your cast member practice their lines and songs and dances -- it can be a long time before a song or scene is worked again and it is important to keep the material fresh in everyone's minds (and feet!)


Please e-mail all conflicts and absences to Jacquie Phillips at This applies for unavoidable absences (illness) and planned ones (vacations, school events). Remember that each cast member may miss two rehearsals, and anything after that may cause him/her to be removed from a particular scene if the creative staff deems that appropriate. In addition, your cast member is responsible for learning the missed material (blocking, dance moves, vocal instructions) from his cast mates.

Publicity -- our favorite committee!

NOW is the time to let your friends and family about the show (and again later too!) Please send out an e-mail asking them to mark their calendars. Here is a sample you are free to use: HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA! Please mark your calendars for a visit to Willy Wonka's Factory! Pied Piper Players presents Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka December 4-13th at the Bayside Performing Arts Center. The show comes complete with a Bonus Holiday Mini Musical to start off the fun. Appropriate for all ages, and the most fun you'll have this season, Willy Wonka is a full musical with a cast of 64 actors, ages 5 to 75, fun choreography and an orchestra that will knock your socks off! Make it a holiday party -- bring your friends, neighbors and cousins -- watch our website at for ticket availability. Shows will be Friday nights at 7 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays at 2 p.m., with a special talk back with the cast and back-stage tour on Sunday, December 6th after the show. See you at the Factory!

Of course, if you can personalize the sample with your child's part/ensemble group or other details that would be fabulous. Remember to tell those scout troops, friends with winter birthdays and more that we have group discount prices available ($2 off per ticket).


Just a reminder, the Pre-show is a separate cast than the main show, but they are joining the main show cast for workshops (dance and acting) and will be performing at the beginning of the performances. The show is billed as a Bonus Holiday Mini Musical and is another great reason to encourage your family and friends to get this feast for their eyes and ears on their calendars!


Please fill out your Family Publicity Survey if you have not done so already. For those who haven't completed the survey, it is easy to fill out the form on-line after opening the attachment and e-mail it right back to: or print and fax to 650 357 7777

Also, please complete your bio and your costume survey -- these are now past due.

Thanks -- once again -- for reading this all the way through. We have really appreciated the support from this collection of cast families and are delighted to be working with you!!! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 10/2/09 - Candy Gram 2.5

Hello Families!!!

Just a few reminders for this weekend. First, here is the weekend schedule:

Sat Oct 3

10am - 11am Dance Workshop: Beginners

11am - 12pm Dance Workshop: Advanced

12pm - 1pm Dance Workshop Intermediate

2pm - 3:30pm Gumballs

2:30pm - 3:30pm Matilda, Violet, Mrs. Beauregarde (Off Book!)

3:30pm - 5pm Carmel Drops

4pm - 5pm Keane, Mrs. Teavee, Mike (Off Book!)

Sun Oct 4

1pm - 2:30pm Chocolate Kisses

1:30pm - 2:30pm Mrs. Gloop, Augustus, Phineous (Off Book!)

2:30pm - 4pm Nutterifics

3pm - 4pm Mr. Salt, Veruca, Dory (Off Book!)

Remember -- we are ONLY at our new, awesome rehearsal location. Please leave a few extra minutes to find it as it is in an office park and the buildings look the same -- it is number 1800. Please do not go to DAC or Baywood as we will not be there! Here are the directions (nice and big so you can print it out and your "old" eyes can see it as you drive!)

1800 Gateway Drive, Suite 120 San Mateo, CA 94404.

Directions: heading east on 92, take the Edgewater/Mariners Island Blvd. exit. Turn Left at the light. Make a U-Turn at Metro Center Blvd. Your first right will be Gateway Drive. Our space is in a large office building on the left.

Please remember to complete your costume forms and bios this weekend. The costume forms should be filled out at and the bios should be sent (in the BODY of the e-mail, not in an attached document) to You can see a sample bio under the downloadable files section of our website.

If you want to get an hour of volunteer time on Sunday AND support Pied Piper Players, come on out to the Save the Music Festival in Belmont and watch our very own P5 perform at noon at the See's Candies stage. Arrive early to allow for parking and making your way past the mosh pit to the stage! We will have flyers there for Willy Wonka and would love to have you help pass them out to the Save the Music guests!

Lastly, we are hoping to do our RAFFLE a bit differently this show. If you happen to have access to an INCREDIBLE prize, please let us know. It could be a vacation house, a vacation package, a flat screen TV or other sought-after item (if you have an employee discount to get something COOL, maybe we can reimburse you...!) Please let us know if you have something along these lines. -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 9/30/09 - Willy Wonka: Acting Groups, Rehearsal Schedule & Location

Hi Wonkerers!
Thank you for your's all here! Lots of important info so please read carefully and keep handy for future reference!

Acting Workshop Assignments:
We have four groups: Sweet, Spicy, Sour, Salty. (Assignments on cast list page)

Rehearsal Schedule:
At this point I would ask you to mark your calendars in "erasable" pen! While we don't anticipate many changes, rehearsals needs will be dictated by our progress. You'll also notice several TBDs towards the end of the calendar, you should plan on being available and we will schedule these will as much advance notice as possible.
The schedule is available to download. In addition, I am putting together a Google Calendar and will send a link shortly.

Note: While Dance Workshops & Acting Workshops are highly encouraged, they are not mandatory. Pied Piper Players seeks to strengthen self-esteem and community through participation in theater arts programs. These workshops support PPP's mission and are an excellent way for the cast to grow as artists and bond outside of the regular rehearsal process.

Starting tonight, ALL PreShow & Willy Wonka rehearsals will be in ONE location!
We have a beautiful rehearsal space located at 1800 Gateway Drive, Suite 120 San Mateo, CA 94404.

Directions: heading east on 92, take the Edgewater/Mariners Island Blvd. exit. Turn Left at the light. Make a U-Turn at Metro Center Blvd. Your first right will be Gateway Drive. Our space is in a large office building on the left.
This will be posted on the website as well, under Locations.

PPP has been extremely fortunate in securing this space. We are able to hold simultaneous acting, choreography and music rehearsals while reducing the transportation time for cast families! I ask that you communicate to your cast members that this rehearsal space is a privilege and we need to respect it as such.

You made it to the end!
As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Have a scrumdiddlyumptious day,

Jacquie (your Stage Manager)
(650) 804-4800

 9/25/09 - Willy Wonka Weekend Schedule

Hi Cast Families!! What a fabulous weekend! We have a rather long Candy Gram this time around, so grab a Wonka Bar, relax and read on...!

The News, from Jacquie

First, a message from our illustrious stage manager (please note the UPDATED rehearsal schedule for this coming week and weekend -- search for your cast member's ensemble and/or part name below and write the schedule in your calendar -- a pen is probably safe for this week...!):

Hi Wonkerers!

Thank you for a fabulous kick-off to our rehearsals!
We hope you all had as much fun as we did.

The Artistic Staff is hard at work on bringing you an updated rehearsal schedule.
We hope to have it posted on the website by Tuesday.
(Location is TBD and we will update you ASAP!)

In the meantime, please review this week's revised schedule:

Wed Sep 30 6:30pm - 8:30pm Act 1: Bucket Shack Review OFF BOOK

Thu Oct 1 6:30pm - 9pm Blocking Act 1: Sc 6, Sc 7, Sc 10:
Mrs. Gloop, Augustus Gloop, Phineous, Mr. Salt, Veruca Salt, Dory, Mrs. Beauregarde, Violet Beauregarde, Matilda, Mrs. Teavee, Mike Teavee, Keane
Sat Oct 3

10am - 11am Dance Workshop: Beginners*

11am - 12pm Dance Workshop: Advanced*

12pm - 1pm Dance Workshop Intermediate*

*Just like the previous Dance Workshop, please attend the level where you feel most comfortable.

2pm - 3:30pm Blocking: Mrs. Beauregarde, Violet, Matilda, Gum Balls

3:30pm - 5pm Blocking: Mrs. Teavee, Mike Teavee, Keane, Carmel Drops

Sun Oct 4

1pm - 2:30pm Blocking: Mrs. Gloop, Augustus Gloop, Phineous, Chocolate Kisses

2:30pm - 4pm Blocking: Mr. Salt, Veruca Salt, Dory, Nutterifics

Thanks again for a great weekend!

Jacquie Phillips (your Stage Manager)

Useful attachments and links

Attached to this e-mail, please find a form for playbill ads. We always have a handsome playbill for our shows, and we pay for it by selling ads to be placed within it. Please take some time in the next few weeks to sell an ad or two for the playbill -- to a business you frequent, your voice coach, your dance studio (DAC is already in there, though, so too late for you on that!), your own company... Also, families have often put in ads celebrating their cast member(s) -- congrats from the grandparents, welcome to the Hall of Fame, Hooray for Your First Show and the like... These are excellent ways of honoring your cast member and supporting our program! If you have any questions, please contact our Ad Sales Head (and Executive Director), Jana Fore, at

Your cast member's costume form is due by this Saturday, October 3rd. Please fill it out online at the following link: Our fabulous Technology Committee head, Joanne Spetz, is helping us go green and save time (well, except hers...!) by putting the form on Survey Monkey. Please have your cast member(s) and a measuring tape handy when filling out the data. If you have difficulty, please let Joanne know at

Finally, cast members who were not in Anne of Green Gables, might be interested in seeing the lyrics to one of our fun warm up songs that we do with our super-cool choreographer, Julie Mullen. This is NOT required reading and does not need to be memorized -- we just want everyone to know what the song is if they want to! The lyrics to this song, Send Me on My Way, performed by Rusted Root, can be found at


Remember when we mentioned that we are ALL on the publicity committee? Well, we meant it!! Please get your friends, families, neighbors, fellow Starbucks patrons and the like to MARK THEIR CALENDARS for December 4-13th for our AMAZING show -- it is a busy season and it would be great to be on a lot of calendars IN PEN early on!

Along those lines, please join us at Belmont's Save the Music Festival this Sunday, October 4th in Twin Pines Park, where our own P5 (Pied Piper Players Premiere Performers) will be doing a performance. If you come, you can get a volunteer credit for handing out flyers to the audience! The performance is at noon at the See's Candies (how fitting!) Children's Stage. To see more about the Festival and get directions, visit

Our fabulous Publicity Team (they head the committee we are all on!) will be sending out a survey soon to all the cast families. It will help us get the word out to the organizations you are a part of (boy scouts, church groups, mother's groups), without duplicating the effort since several families are involved in the same activities. Please fill out and return the survey. Thanks in advance for helping us get the word out as far and wide as possible!

Other Forms

Please visit the website, under Willy Wonka, in the Downloadable Files section, to find the forms that are due this Saturday, October 3rd. Please e-mail your bios to -- the form will give you examples of how a bio is to be worded. These will be displayed in the lobby for all of the performances. You can also find the forms to order a t-shirt for non-cast members in the downloadable files section -- these are also due this Saturday. All cast members get a t-shirt, so no need to fill out this form for cast members. You get a reprieve on the Kudos forms and Ad Sales forms, but please think about your kudos now (see the form to understand what they are -- cute little thank-yous and messages in the program) and get them -- as well as all the ads you are busy selling or designing for the playbill -- in by October 31st.

Thanks for reading through this entire Candy Gram -- wish we could have sent a chocolate smell to go with it, but, alas, we are limited by the current technology...

See you this week! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 9/25/09 - Willy Wonka Weekend Schedule

Hi Wonkerers

I am so excited to get rehearsals underway this weekend!

Sat Sep 26 Location: Baywood LGI
10am – 12pm WW FULL CAST

1pm – 3pm Act I: Suckers Ensemble Group, Candy Man

1pm – 5pm Charlie

3pm – 5pm Act I: Buckets (Mrs & Mr Bucket, Grandpa Joe, Grandma Josephine, Grandpa George, Grandma Georgina)

Sun Sep 27 Location: Baywood LGI
1pm – 5pm Act 1 Blocking: Charlie

2pm – 5pm Act I Blocking: Add Mr. & Mrs. Bucket

3pm – 5pm Act I Blocking: Add Bucket Grandparents

Rehearsal Reminders: Bring water, a snack and a pencil. You should dress in comfortable clothing (no skirts, nothing constricting) and wear appropriate footwear (no sandals, slip-ons, Crocs or Uggs).

Thank you all for your patience, I know you're itching for the Cast List. It will be emailed tonight and posted on our website at Make sure to bookmark the site! You'll find important updates, forms and other useful info there throughout the rehearsal and performance process.

See you tomorrow!

Jacquie (your Stage Manager)
(650) 804-4800

 9/22/09 - Casting Update

Hello Willy Wonka Cast Families!

We just wanted to send you a quick update on casting. Some cast members have been called back and the callbacks are now over. The creative staff will work hard over the next few days to get the perfect cast list together in time for our rehearsals this weekend.

Jacquie Phillips, our fearless stage manager, will be sending out an e-mail regarding the weekend's rehearsal location and final schedule soon. Remember that "final" still means that you should write the dates and times in pencil!! If you did not receive a draft rehearsal schedule at auditions, here it is.

We are looking forward to a fabulous production with these amazing kids and their families! Thanks so much to all the parents for signing up for committees and for your enthusiasm about helping make this production better than even Roald Dahl could have envisioned! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 9/15/09 - Candy Gram No. 1

Hello, Willy Wonka Cast Families! What a fun (and hot!) weekend of dancing we had! Thanks so much for coming out to the dance audition workshops and dance auditions. The kids had fun while auditioning and learning and getting to know each other at the same time. The support and respect that they had for their cast mates who were auditioning was very encouraging and great to see as well!

Auditions this weekend will be at the Baywood LGI (the large room next to the class room building) for Saturday and Sunday. Monday night's auditions will be held in Room 21 (where we had the parent meeting, Mrs. Wetherbee's classroom). Please come a few minutes early, bring your audition form (with a current photo of your child) and also your child's participation agreement and emergency forms (if you haven't already). Please go over the participation agreements with your child so they understand the expectations of them during the rehearsals and shows. Please also bring your child's sheet music (piano music -- in their key) and have the pages copied or torn out of the book and taped together (so the accompanist does not need to turn pages while playing). Remember -- this audition is where the child performs his/her memorized monologue and sings a portion of a song. The child may choose the order in which he/she does these two things.

Please do not carpool to the auditions as we need to go over the participation agreement and commitee sign ups (for those volunteer hours!) with each family. We are normally in favor of carpools, just not this one time!

Thanks so much for your continued cooperation throughout the gearing up of our wonderful chocolate fest! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 9/6/09 - Dance Audition Workshops and Dance Auditions

Hello Willy Wonka Cast Families!!! What fantastic audition workshops we had last weekend -- your kids did a great job and really seemed willing to learn -- tell them to keep that up and to remember the direction they received from Leslie Stupple as they practice their monologue over the coming weeks.

The show is gearing up now, so we hope you are enjoying your "free" time this weekend!!! At the bottom of this e-mail is the schedule for the upcoming weekend.

Please remember the audition time you signed up for on google documents -- mark it in pen in your calendar. We will e-mail the location as soon as it is confirmed.

Please arrive at your audition a few minutes early -- in case we are running early. Also, please do not carpool to auditions as we need to talk to each family about volunteer hours, participation agreements and which committee(s) the parents are signing up to work on. Please remember to bring the child's song in PIANO sheet music IN THEIR KEY.

On Saturday, September 12th, there will be Dance Audition Workshops (how to perform in a dance audition -- a "how to" with a seasoned choreographer Kimberly Krol). The location is Dance Arts Center (in Studio C -- the closest one to the parking lot) -- see below for directions. Please have your child come to the workshop best suited to his or her dance ability. The intermediate workshop will be from 12-1:30, the advanced from 2-3:30 and the beginning from 3:30-4:30.

On Sunday, September 13th, there will be Dance Auditions (where cast members learn a routine from our esteemed choreographer, Julie Mullen, and Julie and Leslie Stupple will watch the cast members perform the dance in small groups). There are two dance audition sessions -- come to whichever suits your schedule -- these are not divided by ability -- no need to sign up in advance. These will be at DAC in Studio A (the one nearest to the basketball gym). The time slots are as follows: 11-1:15 OR 1:30-3:45.

DAC Location:

850 East San Carlos Ave - Suite A
San Carlos, CA 94070

From Highway 101, exit Holly Street heading west. Make an immediate left onto Industrial Road. We are behind Velocity Sports Performance which is at Industrial and E. San Carlos. Turn left on E. San Carlos to find parking adjacent to the studio.

See you on the 12th! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 8/27/09 - Audition Workshop Information

Hi everyone! We are just writing to remind you of the audition workshops on this Sunday, August 30th and to let you know the location. The schedule is:

Gumdrops: 11-11:45 a.m.
Lollipops: 11:45 a.m. -1 p.m.
Gobstoppers: (please sign up on google documents if you have not done so already for one of these slots: 1-2:20, 2:45-4 OR 4-5:20 -- please do not add slots to the google document -- we want sufficient time for everyone to perform their monologue and get feedback if they so choose!) You can find the link at:

Jawbreakers: 5:30-7

The location is the Wetherbee Family Garage at 1301 Ashwood Court in San Mateo (off Barneson).

If you have not already done so (and most of you haven't yet...!), please fill out and leave your Emergency Form with us before dropping your child off on Sunday. If you carpool, please give the form to the carpool driver to give to us. If you have lost your form or don't have your folder of paperwork yet, here it is.

We are excited to get going and love the energy of this cast thus far!!! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 8/22/09 - 5, 6 and 7 year old audition slots -- clarification

Hi all -
Please bear in mind when you are signing up your children for a audition spot that all 5, 6 and 7 year old cast members should pick one of the group audition times specifically set aside for that age grouping.

They will each able to perform a monologue and sing but it is important that they are scheduled on Sunday, September 19th from either 9:15 until 10:00 or 3:00 until 3:45.

Also, as a correction to our earlier information: every child, even the youngest, should plan on bringing sheet music for a song in their key for their audition. They should plan to sing 16 bars of the song. There are lots of kid song books at the larger bookstores or or you can also download from

Here is the link if you need it again to correct or change your slot. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!
Leslie and Wendi

 8/22/09 - WW auditions

Hi all -
Here is the link to the audition sign-ups -

As you know, this is a "live" spreadsheet so any changes you make are automatically saved and can be viewed by everyone. So, only add or make changes to your name. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Leslie and Wendi

 8/19/09 - Meeting Summary and Helpful Links

Hi, Willy Wonka Families! We wanted to give a quick re-cap of portions the parent meeting because it was a lot of information at once, there are quite a few changes from the past, some parents had to divide time between the Cast Group and Parent Group, and some families were on vacation.

There is a pre-show this go-around, made up of kids from the waiting list -- it will be an approximately 15 minute original show before the curtain rises on Willy Wonka. These families will work house duties one show (e.g. ushering, concessions) and, therefore, we are allowing the show families to "buy out" of working one show. For a $20 donation (which will go toward purchasing concessions), you can work one fewer show. Please let us know as soon as you can if you would like this option so we can plan accordingly.

It is extremely important that each family put in their volunteer hours AND sell tickets (think now of group ideas for those show dates -- scout troop gatherings, holiday celebrations, send a save-the-date e-mail to family and friends).

Conflicts are being handled differently this show. You will be given a show rehearsal calendar and if you are called back for a particular character you have to let the creative staff know your conflicts. You will be allowed to miss no more than TWO rehearsals. Attendance will be taken at all rehearsals and absences tracked.

Crew A&B -- we are instituting a Crew A and Crew B system for backstage crew and Chaperone Groups. The schedules for who works which shows is on the show calendar. In addition, the Crew and Chaperone group members will be required to: read the entire script, attend a one hour back-stage training in October, read the PPP handbook and know the stage terms at the end of it, study the crew/cue sheet, and come to a full run through of the show on November 22nd at Baywood. The crew needs to attend a Dry Tech run on Sunday, November 29th from 1-7 p.m. and a Cue to Cue run on Monday, November 30th from 6-11 p.m. These people will have 10 hours of their pre-show commitment taken care of by these additional responsibilities, so their pre-show hours requirement will be 10 for one child and 25 for two and 40 for three children -- this will need to be fulfilled by their work on other committees.

Please let us know if you are interested in being on a Crew or Chaperone team as soon as possible.

Calendar -- you can get the calendar on the website (and in your parent packet) at -- it can be found (along with lots of other useful information!) -- in the downloadable files section in the Willy Wonka portion of the site.

Character Descriptions -- you can get the character descriptions on the website at:

PPP Handbook -- the PPP handbook is on the website at in the Downloadable Files portion of the Willy Wonka section.

Google Documents -- We will be using Google Documents for sign-ups and online information gathering throughout the show. Please know that these are links to "live" documents -- which is great so people can view the changes instantly -- so please do not delete other entries or add lines or slots -- just sign up and move on!

Audition workshops -- the times for the August 30th audition workshops are: ALL Gumdrops, 11-11:45; ALL Lollipops, 11:45-1; ALL Gobstoppers sign up for either 1-2:20, 2:45-4 OR 4-5:20; Jawbreakers, 5:30-7. No need to go to Google Documents unless your child is a Gobstopper. All others, please come to the time for your child's group (the one you signed up for already -- if you forget, just let us know and we'll remind you!)

If your cast member is a gobstobber, please sign up for a time slot on the following Google Document:

Auditions -- Please sign up your cast member for an audition time slot on the following Google Document:

Please do not erase anyone else's name (we know you wouldn't do it on purpose... but please be careful to keep the cat away from the keyboard!) or add any lines. If none of the times work for you, please contact someone to trade. Please read the instructions carefully as the 5-7 year olds and adults have specific time slots.

Please let us know if there are any issues of which we or the creative staff should be aware (food allergies, literacy concerns, special sensitivities and the like). We are here to help your child and family enjoy this experience to the fullest and will keep any and all information private.

If you are running late, your contact is Jacquie Manager -- her contact information is on your purple folder (if you missed the meeting, you will get one at the audition workshop).

We are looking forward to a wonderful production!! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 7/28/09 - Wonka Updates and Clarifications

Those of you familiar with Roald Dahl's classic book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, upon which our wonderful musical is based, know that Mr. Wonka is quite mysterious. We, your producers, try to avoid obfuscation when possible. So, from time to time (ok, a lot!), we will send out clarification e-mails, corrections, and reminders. Here is your first!

The parent/cast meeting on Tuesday, August 18th, at 6:30 p.m. (this is not a change, just a clarification of the location) will be held at Baywood Elementary School, on the second floor in room 21. Directions can be found on our website, under the FAQ section. Speaking of our website, poke around it a bit -- there is tons of useful information there and we will be making use of it more in the upcoming production!

We have beefed up the audition workshop descriptions in the hopes that more of you will let us know which group your child will attend -- when we hear from you all (or most of you!) we will send out the times. These will be held on Sunday, August 30th.

gumdrops -- first timers, younger children, those with no monologue selected, not prepared to present anything in front of their peers
lollipops -- have some experience; have heard of the five W's (who, what, why, where and when) that form the basis of character development, but would like a review; monologue could be selected already or not
gobstoppers -- those who have a monologue selected and memorized and are ready to perform it in front of their peers, those who do not have a monologue ready but have experience and would benefit from hearing others critiqued at this level, very familiar with the five W's
jawbreakers -- those who plan on having a monologue selected, memorized, and are ready to be challenged and critiqued on their performance, no need for five W review

Please let us know, if you haven't already, 1) if your child will be attending an audition workshop and, if so, 2) which one, and, also, 3) if they plan on performing their monologue (this will assist us in ensuring enough time for all those who are planning on performing)

Lastly, please remember that August 1st is the last day to drop from the cast for a full registration fee refund.

Looking forward to making many sweet memories together at the Factory! -- Wendi and Leslie R.

 7/26/09 - Welcome to Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka!

Welcome to the land of chocolate rivers and everlasting gobstoppers! We are so excited to begin this tour of the chocolate factory with this wonderful group of families! We are your co-producers (and also parents of cast members) for Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka.

We wanted to let you know a few upcoming dates and also to make an exciting announcement!

First, the announcement: Jacquie Phillips, last seen as Lucilla the shopkeeper in Anne of Green Gables, will be our Stage Manager for Willy Wonka! Her vast experience in the dramatic arts, as well as her intimate knowledge of being a Pied Piper Player, will put her in great stead for this important role. Welcome (back!) Jacquie!

Second, the dates:

Saturday, August 1 -- last date to drop from the cast and receive a full refund
Tuesday, August 18 -- 6:30 p.m. -- Parent Meeting -- please send your cast members and at least one parent to this important meeting about the show, auditions, audition workshops, your families' responsibilities, and more! This meeting is for both returning and new families where we will announce how things will be run for this production -- there are changes afoot! We plan on ending the meeting at 8 p.m. but we will stick around to answer your specific questions after that as well.
Sunday, August 30 -- Audition Workshops (see below)

Third, Audition Workshops: Leslie Stupple, our esteemed Director, will hold audition workshops on Sunday, August 30th. We will announce the times and location in a later e-mail. But, first, we need information from you. The workshops are optional but highly recommended. We would like your child to be in the workshop from which he/she will derive the most benefit. Therefore, we are going to let you know the four levels and let you select. Please let us know if your child will attend, and, if so, at which level. We will then make the time slots to ensure that no one group is too large. The categories are as follows:

gumdrops -- first timers, younger children, those with no monologue selected, not prepared to present anything in front of their peers
lollipops -- have some experience; have heard of the five W's (who, what, why, where and when) that form the basis of character development, but would like a review; monologue could be selected already or not
gobstoppers -- those who have a monologue selected and memorized and are ready to perform it in front of their peers, those who do not have a monologue ready but have experience and would benefit from hearing others critiqued at this level, very familiar with the five W's
jawbreakers -- those who plan on having a monologue selected, memorized, and are ready to be challenged and critiqued on their performance, no need for five W review

Fourth, Communication: For Willy Wonka, we plan on disbanding the unpopular Yahoo Group that we experimented with for Anne of Green Gables. We will be sending out e-mails with periodic updates -- so PLEASE CHECK YOUR E-MAIL OFTEN! If you would like to change your e-mail address to a different one than where you received this e-mail, please let us know. We will also be putting documents and updates on the website, so please bookmark it and check it regularly. We can be found at We hope to have several of our usual forms available online and be a bit more "green" in distributing less paper. We hope to be available to address whatever concerns you may have throughout the production period. To that end, if there are issues you would like us to know (food allergies and the like) or for the creative staff to know (literacy or personal insecurity issues of your child), please let us know and we will pass them along and help ease any situations that may arise.

We can't wait to work with your family to put on the Best Show Ever! See you on the 18th! -- Wendi Upchurch and Leslie Ragsdale, your Co-Producers